27 June 2015

Weekend Warriors: 3-2-1 Teacher Bio

Hi y'all!

I'm back with my Weekend Warrior gals to share a little bit about me!

This weekend's theme is:

1.  I will only teach kindergarten.
I wish I could get that added to my contract.
I really don't see myself teaching any other grade level ever!  
I did one year of First Grade and could not handle it. 
Kindergarten is where it's at!

2.  As long as I'm wearing comfy clothes I can spend the entire day on the carpet with my kids.
I love to play games with them or work with small groups while on the carpet.
There is something so uncomfortable about sitting at a table in those little blue chairs.

3. My classroom setup is always changing.  I don't know why I can't stand for it to be the same longer than three months. It drives me crazy.  And each time I think "Oh! It's perfect now."  And a few months later I'm so annoyed with it!
My home on the other hand...has stayed the exact same way since we moved in.

1.  I guess this one fits for the teacher me and the regular me.
Which is also why Kindergarten is the perfect grade for me.
I belt out tunes in the car as if I was auditioning for American Idol.
I also dance like I'm performing for millions...or as if I was in my own music video.
I love to dance and sing.
All the time.
My husband hates it.

2.  The regular me curses like a sailor.
It's bad.
I just can't stop.

I've never really made a bucket list...but being on Broadway has been a lifelong dream of mine.
I'm not sure I'd be any good...I'd probably get booed off stage but man I would love every 
second of it!

Who are you? We'd love to get to know you more.  Please use the pictures below and link up with us.



  1. You are so cute! You were born to be a kindergarten teacher, so if you will it, it will be. ;) I love that you change your set up every three months! My husband would hate it if I sang and danced every day too, but that's mostly because I don't have any moves and I can't sing to save my life. Haha! By the way, I'd totally come and watch you on Broadway.

    Primarily Speaking

  2. VERA! I adore that you can only teach Kinder! I could only teach first! And you have probably met your match with Cursing like a Sailor! I go all day with kid-friendly lingo then I get home and all the "sailor" comes out!!! LOL!

  3. Amen, sister! Kindergarten all the way! (maybe if we team up, we can get it in our contracts...in bold) I think the sailor mouth comes with being a K teacher, too. Ha! When you make it on Broadway, I want a front row seat. :)
    Always Kindergarten

  4. I feel the same way about 2nd! Love that you spend all day on the floor with your kids. That is exactly how it should be! I'll admit that I too cuss like a sailor....it really is a problem. I think we need to have a sing/dance party in Vegas! I too dance around everyday and bust out my white girl rap skills! haha! Love your bucket list item!!!

    Saddle Up For 2nd Grade

  5. This was my first year teaching kindergarten after six years in second and I LOVED it!! I'm with you on constantly changing my room because it drives me crazy when things look the same every day. I love the feeling after it's been rearranged. I feel recharged.

  6. I would always change up my classroom set up too! You'd think my 8-9 years would go crazy, but they loved it!

    ♥ Stephanie
    Fishing for Education Blog

  7. I feel the same way about first grade!!!! I love that you change your classroom set up so often and that you sing and dance. When I sing, my bf turns music up louder than me HA! :) I would definitely come see you on Broadway!

    A Sunny Day in First Grade

  8. I change my classroom all the time too! And I will definitely come see you on Broadway!

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple

  9. I'm glad to know I'm not the only teacher out there who can't stop letting the curses fly! LOL My students would be shocked if they knew... :-)

    The Craft of Teaching

  10. I LOVE change, but I can’t imagine moving my classroom furniture around. Once I find a set up I like, I don’t move a thing.
    OMG! My old teacher bff cursed like a sailor and we both moved to schools. My new teacher friends… not so much. It has been SO HARD to vent without swearing!

    The Super Sparkly Teacher


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