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Dear Teacher,

A few weeks ago, I was scrolling through Instagram and I stopped on a post by thekindergals about not being able to pour from an empty cup. Basically, we can't give to others what we don't have within ourselves and how important it is for us to take time for ourselves and recharge.  

Well, I just LOVED that message...and then I started reading the comments.

I read a comment from one teacher who was experiencing an overwhelming school year.  She said that when she goes on social media she was bombarded with images and messages that told her she needed to be happy. Always happy. Everyday. And she just felt horrible.

And my heart hurt for her.

Do I believe in being positive?

I am a positive thinking person and I think that there is almost always a way to solve a problem.

But at the same time, I think it's ok for people to feel overwhelmed.
It's ok for us to feel like we have reached our limits and we need a break.
It's ok to love the heck out of your weekends.
Enjoy your time with your family and friends.
Enjoy time with yourself.

And then, go to school recharged and enjoy your time with your kids because sometimes...many times... we are all they have.

So I posted this question on Instagram and Facebook:

And the response was powerful. 

Teachers seemed to agree that yes, we can love our jobs, while loving our weekend and time away from the classroom.  Teachers encouraged each other to take a break, make time for themselves, and be positive.
They said, be human.

So what's the big deal?
What is this constant back and forth about?
Why are there, Pro Monday and Pro Sunday posts?
Why does it feel as if teachers who post about needing a break are shamed for their feelings?
Why does it feel like people who love Mondays are constantly defending themselves?
Why, at a time when teachers are overwhelmed by so many stressors (classroom, school, government), are we shaming each other?

Why isn't the message:

Why is the message of "Loving Monday" more powerful than "Enjoying Sunday"?
They are both important.
They both matter.

And here's my truth.

I enjoy every moment of my weekend.
I enjoy every moment of my time with my students.

I am a good teacher.

I am a great teacher.
And you are too.
And I hope you will remember that.
Remember it next Sunday when you're enjoying the remainders of the day with your family.
Remember it Monday morning when you greet your students.
You are amazing.


  1. Vera, I love you!! Thanks so much for being the voice of the teachers who are doing the best they can to make each day count. Family time is precious and it's okay to wish there were a day between Sunday and Monday!

  2. This is so powerful, Vera! We have all been there. I'm sending this post to a 3rd grade teacher that I love dearly. Thanks for this uplifting message!

  3. You are amazing! Love this and love YOU!!!!

  4. What a powerful, wonderful message!!!!!!!!!! Love this post!

  5. GIRL!!!!!!! Thank you for being spot on. I loved reading this post!

  6. Great message! Thanks for reminding us to look out for each other!

  7. Beautiful and powerful reminder that teaching and life aren't mutually exclusive.

    <3 this and <3 you!

  8. This is an awesome post! I am having such a hard year. My hardest year in the 18 years I've been teaching. Every day I feel so guilty for being so tired and just....tired. For the first time in my life I've thought about leaving the field and my husband and I have had some significant talks about the financial logistics, etc. All I've ever wanted to do is teach? What does it say about me when I feel so overwhelmed by it now? This post made me feel justified for feeling tired. Not lazy. And there is a difference. Thanks for your honesty. It has opened up a great conversation.

  9. LOVE this post, Vera! You said it perfectly!

  10. Love this! Thanks for sharing, you speak to so many in this post!!!❤️

  11. What a fantastic post, Vera! It is a daily struggle. With a particularly tough group of little people it is sometimes a real challenge to find the drive and motivation to be the shiny, happy teacher that I feel I should be on social media. Thanks for keeping it real.

    Mrs. Beattie’s Classroom

  12. Love, love, love this. Such a great reminder to take time for us too. :)

  13. I definitely needed that. I am having a very overwhelming year, and now I am in tears because I know I am all they have. I know that. I am their sense of security, their rock. I spend my lunch breaks eating with children rather than eating with faculty, because they need it. I spend my money on food, gifts, socks, hats, toothbrushes, etc. on them because they need it. I spend my weekends preparing lessons, shopping, and creating stuff for them because they need it. I come home at night exhausted and often times in tears because I feel like I haven't done enough or because I felt short or "crabby" during the day. I am doing the best I can and it never feels like enough. This is my 7th year teaching and by far the most challenging year. Today may have been one of the hardest days. I hit my limits, but reading this post honestly helped. Thank you.

  14. Vera, thank you so much for this post! We can have it all: we can love the teaching profession AND make time for family, at the very same time! I will never forget when I had just returned to work, teaching third grade, after staying home with my newborn daughter for nine weeks. I was grading papers on my bed while she wiggled and giggled next to me, and I burst into tears. I felt like there was no way I could do it all. So, I made up my mind, right then and there, that my family comes first and that my job comes a close second. I leave work at work (for the most part!), and I try to soak up every doggone second that I have with my family. This is a much-needed post...thank you for putting it out there!

    Shafer's Shenanigans

  15. I love absolutely everything about this post. I also like to keep positive, but I am having a very hard school year and sometimes when looking on social media I feel even worse because I feel like I should not feel this way. I love my job, but that doesn't mean it isn't overwhelming at times. Can't wait to meet you in French Lick!
    Amanda :)

  16. Vera, What a wonderful post! Thank you!

  17. This is perfection and you shared what's been on my heart! Thank you for sharing this powerful and much needed post! ��

  18. This is all sooo true! Love this so much!

  19. I struggled with 3 years of tough Kindergarten classes in a row and really struggled wanting to go to work last year. I made the decision to ask my principal for a grade change. I would go anywhere, 1st-5th. Taking that big leap of faith was so helpful to change my outlook, work with a new grade level, and freshen up my teaching. If you're not happy on Sundays, that's a normal feeling. Not being happy everyday, maybe you need a change. I'm so glad I did for myself, my family, and my students' sake!

  20. Thank you for writing this post! I agree that teachers do need to recharge and take time with their own biological children,family,spouses,whatever it is you love. We should not allow the negativity by outside sources take hold of teachers today. Let them walk a day in my shoes ! I love my students but, I also love Fridays!

  21. Needed this for sure today! Thank you for sharing!

  22. I just love this! Thank you for sharing what so many feel but, are afraid to say.

  23. Vera, I had a hair appointment on Saturday and my hairdresser just moved into her new place. There's a quote on her wall that says, "She leaves a little sparkle everywhere she goes." I saw that and smiled a big, huge smile. Why? Because I thought of you! I thought of all the times you just put yourself out there and how this makes everyone around you a little bit happier. I thought of your kinders and how lucky they are to have you in their lives and I thought of all of us too, because we are just as lucky as your kinders. Thank you, Vera, for bringing a little sparkle into my life. You mean an awful lot to so many of us! Shine on, Girl! :)
    Tech Teacher Tidbits
    ~Formerly known as Hopelessly Devoted~

  24. This is why you are the one and only The Tutu Teacher! <3 Such a great post. I needed this right now. I'm so bombarded with EVERYTHING that sometimes I just want to crawl under my bed sheets, take a nap, and forgot about being an adult. I love the weekend. I also love Wednesdays because my students now refer to it as "Hump Day". :-) Sending you lots of hugs and I can't wait to see you again soon.

  25. Vera...What a great post! This has been one of those struggling years for me and the weekends I don't get to "fill my cup" turn out to be long and horrible weeks. I am a GREAT teacher too, but this year it is taking all I have to keep on top of things. It is so important to continue to take care of ourselves! Love this!!


  26. This message is on point! Here's the silver lining for you....the fact that you hurt your ankle this morning and was forced to stay home, allowed you to so eloquently put into words what so many of us are thinking on this Love it! Stay positive!

  27. Thank you so much for this! I have been having a rough year so far and have been feeling so guilty for hating Monday's. I love teaching and I love my kiddies but it doesn't make dealing with the many issues I deal with any easier. You've made me smile and tear up at the same time. Your message is powerful and gives me hope!

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  29. Such a wonderful post! I often feel overwhelmed because of all of the bloggers I see working their butt off creating things and I think "How do they have time?" but i have learned to focus on my family. I don't pick up the computer until after my little one is in bed! A great post! Thanks!I can't wait to meet you at the French Lick meetup!

    Kindergarten Korner

  30. Thank you! Vera you hit the nail on the head. This was super encouraging :) I love my job, I hate Mondays every week. I saw someone say if you hate Mondays get a new job. I'm like GEEZ, I gotta work ;)

  31. Thank you for your honest words. It's been a tough year at a new school in a new district, and I needed this. I am so grateful to God that my new team is absolutely amazing! And my little firsties of course melt my heart everyday. I try to focus on how great they are and not worry so much about how hard my boss is on us all. We are great teachers! Thank you so much again!! ��

  32. Oh my goodness... this made me cry and smile at the same time. Your heart is so HUGE. What a gift you are! What a precious gift! Thank you!

  33. Thank you Vera for this fantastic post! This was perfect! Thanks so much for sharing from your heart!

    Luv My Kinders

  34. Well, hell to the yes! Ooops did I just get a little crazy? I am going to say it again. YES! Many of us walk away from our own babies on Monday morning and that hurts. That draw and heart pull back to home and hearth is real. Some run from home into the classroom like the house is on fire. It is a very personal journey. I think you are right. The teacher shaming needs to stop. Stop it now. I get the Sunday night blues every Sunday this year because this is just a different year than the other 16 before it. This year, I WILL have a count down to June. But my students will never know. I wear my big girl panties to work and I love those 1st graders and teach them like I gave birth to them. They are MINE, and I will be a little happy in June when some of them are not mine anymore. But this does not make me bad. Heavens no! This makes me real. And you can only be taught to love and learn by a real person. Let's all be real. Real nice to one another and ourselves.

  35. This was a much needed post! This year I've questioned my happiness and how I can continue to teach with so many challenges. I am always reminded by my family, colleagues, students and friends why I am an amazing teacher...then I refocus and re-energize for I know how much I am needed.

  36. Thank you! I haven't blogged in months because I felt I just didn't have the energy to make it blow of the page and say something important. I am doing the absolute best I can. I am so hard on myself that I should be doing more. I have been trying to be that image of happy teacher loving every minute of life; teaching and planning and creating. I spend my weekends doing the same thing looking, creating and planning. This weekend will be about me, guilt free.

  37. What an amazing post Vera!!! Thank you for this powerful message!

  38. Yesterday I sat by myself at lunch and wondered if I'm effective anymore. Tough morning. I expect so much from myself and spend the weekends recreating the wheel, looking at Pinterest and prepping. It was gorgeous in California this weekend. My husband runs an incredible rafting company and he invited me to go for the first spring trip... and I passed it up to work on lesson plans. I missed out on a memory. Balance.

  39. Beautiful post sweet lady!! We put so much stress on ourselves. I LOVE my job, but I LOVE my family more. Do I spend Sunday nights planning, oh yes...BUT I spend my weekend with family until dinner on Sunday!

  40. I can honestly say this has been the worst year of my "almost 40 year" career, for so many reasons. I love my students, but I love my weekends, too. That's where I get the courage to face the weeks!

  41. So needed! Thank you! We MUST build each other up, because often there's no one else who can/will. The kids are THE reason to do this job, and I love them, but it's also good to have adults who understand where you are coming from who will support you and reassure you when you need it!

  42. THIS. Thank you! I appreciate all of this post & you said what I have been trying to get down for months now. As someone who is positive, in a difficult situation, with a tough bunch...I LOVE my weekends & I love my kiddos - tough or not, they all take a little piece of my heart each year!! I can love my family & love my job - thanks for the post.

  43. Vera you nailed it! I think it is totally natural and expected to feel overwhelmed in our jobs. We want so much for our students but we are contrained by time and often their behaviour. I have times that I feel totally overwhelmed and need to step back and take a mental break - that is what the weekends are for. I love my weekends and sometimes really dislike Mondays but I still welcome my students with a smile when I see them. Thanks for a great post.

    Hanging Around In Primary

  44. Wow....I LOVE this! Thank you so much for posting this!

    Mind Sparks