25 July 2015

Weekend Warriors- Money saving tips and tricks!

Hi y'all!
I've linked up with my girls from Weekend Warriors to share some money saving tips!

That picture is adorable.

Here's me being real.
I'm not good at saving money.
I usually buy everything that I see.
Because I suffer from "only childitis"
It's a horrible disease.

BUT I'm also not crazy.
It's not like I'm running around buying Gucci bags everyday.
But if there's a dress at Target and I like it...I buy it.

BUT I don't have children of my own.
So...I splurge on myself of my classroom.
Don't worry though, bills get paid.
We aren't in ridiculous credit card debt.
It's all good.

BUT I do have a couple of tips to offer.

Tip #1:

I rarely buy something full price. 
I may be an only child/spoiled brat, BUT I won't pay full price for 
something I know I can get much cheaper. 
I refuse to buy fancy bras at VS, that's not my thing..
So I wait for Target to have a sale and stock up!
And download the Cartwheel app!
You can get some extra discounts at Target.
It's truly amazing.

Almost everything goes on sale...
you just have to wait 
and stalk the internets.

Tip #2

Ask for a discount.
Seriously, if you are going to buy a large amount of something,
ask if they will give you a bulk discount.

If you for a picture frame and you notice there is one 
that is slightly damaged...
Ask if they will give you the damaged one for a discount.
As long as the damage is small or you can fix it...what's the big deal?

I have bought tons of sweaters or dresses with small tears...
asked for a discount for the damage.
Then just fixed them up at home.

I also almost always ask for a teacher's discount.
I see signs ALL the time for college student discounts.
And I'm like, why not one for teachers?!
So I ask.
Sometimes it works,
sometimes it  doesn't.
But the worst thing they can say is no, right?

Do you have any tips or tricks to share?
Use the link below and share your story!

An InLinkz Link-up

23 July 2015

Singing in the Classroom

I love to sing

If you've been reading my blog for awhile you know this about me.

And, I'm not very good at it.  But I still do it.
I sing in the shower.
I sing while I put on makeup.
I sing in the car on the way to work.
I JAM OUT TO THE MAX on the way to work.
Seriously, it's like I'm on American Idol or something.
It's insane.

I love to sing and I love to sing with my kids.
I always turn on music in my classroom...
And not classical music...because those songs have no words.
But like Top 50 radio hits songs.
Songs that make us stop working and sing.
I love it.

This summer, I was thinking of a way to incorporate more songs and poetry into my classroom.
But, I grow very tired of the same songs over and over again.
I mean I love "London Bridge" but there is so many different lyrics that can be applied to that melody before it's too much.
I had a bright idea.
Why not apply modern melodies to songs about school?


I got to work.
I google Billboard top 100 hits.
Found karaoke versions of famous songs and started adding my own lyrics to modern tunes.

I had so much fun creating them.
And then...I had even more fun singing them to my husband.

He loved them all!(which is technically his legal obligation as my husband, but I think he really does like them)

I even typed up the lyrics sentence by sentence, so students can build the songs at a center!

I wrote songs about 
sight words
carpet behavior
skip counting
going home for the day
and much much more!

I'm already working on songs for the holidays. 

I can't stop.
I won't stop.

I want to share my excitement with you!

Here is a free copy of one of the songs!
It's to the tune of "Don't stop believing".  I've also included  the lyrics sentence by sentence!

Click here to download your copy!

The full bundle contains a 1st and 2nd grade version of this song.
The bundle also contains 8 more classroom songs!
Head over to my store and grab a copy!


19 July 2015

What's so special about Vegas.

What's so special about Vegas?

The gambling?
The lights?
The entertainment?

What is so special about my time in Vegas was the chance to meet, collaborate, and bond with like minded teachers.
Teachers who wanted to make a difference in their classrooms and classrooms around the world.
Teachers who shared their ideas and tips with one another.
Teachers who "like" your posts on Instagram or comment on your blog posts, and hug you hard, as if you've been friends for years.

Those teachers, made my time in Vegas truly special. 

Last year, I had the wonderful opportunity to go to the first official Teachers Pay Teachers conference.  It was also a lot of fun  You can read all about last year's adventure here.
I didn't even think it was possible, but this year was even better!  I learned so much, met so many amazing people and had the time of my life!

Let me walk you through my time in Vegas.
I arrived Monday night and went straight to bed.  My flight got in at 12:30 a.m Las Vegas time which was 3:30 a.m. on the East Coast. I was exhausted! The next morning I had to get up to attend my first session at I teach K!
The next day, I woke up super early and got ready for a day of learning.  I grabbed some coffee and a snack and headed up to register and to check out the Expo (where vendors were showing off their goods), before going to my first session.
I didn't make it to my first session because I got so enthralled with the people in the Expo center.
I'm a people person and once I start talking...I kind of can't turn off.
I'm a super extrovert and the people at all the different booths were extroverts too.
I was in heaven.
And then I met an angel...

If you haven't heard of Show and Tell Aprons yet...
click on the name and find out more about how awesome she is.
I'll wait.

How awesome are those aprons!?  
A little background, Sandra and I met last year at the Expo and we hit it off!
Of course when she met me I was rockin' a purple tutu!
Well that tutu inspired her to do a like of tutu aprons.
Tutu aprons.
And when we say each other we could not stop talking about how much we loved each other.
She's the best.
And she is making me my very own custom tutu apron!
I die.
Here's a shot of the two of us:

Isn't she the best?  She let me model one of the tutu aprons!

Can you even? I can't even! 

I even got a chance to kick with some of the best male early childhood educators in the world!
Not only are these guys smart, they are so kind and generous.
If you aren't follow, The Male Kindergarten Teacher, Famous in First or the notorious Smorgie,
then click on their names and start following!

I also had a blast goofing around at the SDE photo booth with Keri from Enchanted Kindergarten!

I finally stopped talking long enough to get myself to my next session.
My presenter was Autumn from The Primary Techie.
When I say she was awesome...that is an understatement.
She has some of the best, thoughtful, and well planned ideas I have ever seen.
She was great!

I went to some amazing sessions during the I teach K conference 
but Autumn's presentation blew me away!

You all know about GoNoodle right?  Well, I had the amazing opportunity
to work at their booth during the conference.
And "working" the booth is just code word for dancing.
I had a blast doing the Pop See Ko with Freckles!

Wednesday night was the HUGE blogger meet up. I was so excited to meet so many fabulous teachers and teacher bloggers. I even wore my fancy tutu for this special event!

Selfie Stick photo!

I finally got to meet the AMAZING Natalie, one half of What the Teacher Wants.
I think we became best friends that night!

The next day was the first day of the TpT conference.
Thursday was full of great collaboration opportunities.
I went to a Kindergarten Meet and Greet and got to know some amazing kindergarten TpT sellers.
I learned a ton in my sessions and could not wait to see what Friday's full day would offer.

When I woke up on Friday and put on my pink tutu...I had no idea what the day had in store for me.

First, I jumped on the elevator with my girls,
Mary from Adventures in Kindergarten and Jillian from Starr Spangled Planner.

We grabbed some coffee and a quick snack and found our seats and waited for the
Welcome and Keynote speeches to begin.
We listened to words of wisdom from Amy and Matt, two very important members of team TpT.
And then...


Paul Edelman the founder of Teachers Pay Teachers gave a very inspiring speech.
He talked about the HUGE effect TpT has
made on teachers, classrooms, and students all over the world.
He talked about how we are more than just sellers...how we embody this essence...he called

and then...
this picture of my friends and I at last year's conference appeared .

and then...

Paul asked, "Is The Tutu Teacher here?"
and I lost it.


And stood up and waved to the thousand or so people
in the room and sat down quickly to freak out in private.

Honestly, I don't remember what happened after that because I was
dizzy with excitement and gratitude.

Of all the people in all of TpT land to shout out and recognize...
little ol' me?
I know I've mentioned how it's easy to feel like a little fish in a big sea. Whether you're blogging or selling on TpT or just trying to survive your first year teaching.
It's tough.
And sometimes you feel like your hard work goes unrecognized or isn't appreciated.
And sometimes it isn't.
But sometimes it is in the most wonderful ways.
This was one of those times for me.
I was so humbled and honored and ecstatic and lots of other adjectives.
Thank you Paul.

Friday's sessions were amazing and I learned a ton.
I filled my notebook with ideas and plans and "Gotta dos"!
I was so inspired by this conference...
not just to do better as a seller, but do better as a teacher.
To try different ways to reach my kiddos.
To try to inspire other teachers to inspire their students too.
To really and truly embody the idea of
wherever I go.

I had an amazing time.
I wish I had more time to meet more people!
If you didn't go this year, or last year...please look into going in 2016.
It's so worth it.

If you took a picture with me in Vegas, could you please email it to me at thetututeacher@gmail.com?
I'd love to include it in the pictures below.

Here are a few more pics of my experience in Vegas.

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