26 October 2014

Weekend Warriors: Organizing October Part 2

I hope yesterday's post was helpful...
Today, I want to show you how I keep up with the everyday.
I don't' know about you but if I don't write things down...
I lose track of everything.
As soon as something pops in my head...
it's gone.
I used to keep post it notes everywhere...
notes to remind me to finish a product
notes of things to purchase
notes to make notes of to do notes.
It was out of control.
So...I took the plunge a purchased an Erin Condren notebook.
It's awesome.
It goes with me everywhere!
It's smaller than the teacher planner so I can just slip my notebook into my purse and go!
It also comes with a calendar so I can keep track of all my meetings both personal and professional!

There are tons of pages where I write down any new ideas or thoughts, keep track of my (many) to do lists, and write quick reminders.

I know these planners are a bit a pricey but they are a life saver!!

I also have the Erin Condren teacher planner...and that helps me stay organized at school.
I've got my weekly lesson plans and daily schedule written out...important meetings stored in my calendar and all my important notes filed in the nice pocket folder in the back.

Each week, I make a quick school only to do list.  I paper clip it to my planner and cross things off each week.

It helps me stay organized and focused on a little bit as a time.
I write anything that has to get done that week on my list...
I've only been using this system for a few weeks but it definitely helps keep things in perspective.
Then, on Friday once everything is completed...I get to throw the list away!


25 October 2014

Weekend Warriors: Organizingl October

Hi y'all!
I hope you had a chance to enter the AMAZING give away we had over at Primary Powers.  Please be sure to visit daily...there are lots of freebies to grab!!

Today, I'm here to talk all about ORGANIZATION!

That word tends to frighten people.  It gets me excited!
I am regularly complimented about my organization...but at times I feel like I'm the LEAST
organized person ever!

I think the key to organization is to stay true to what works best for you.
If it isn't something you'd do...or a place you'd put things then DON'T do it!
It just makes things worse.
Also, it's important to know how you remember things.
Do you have to make list?
Do you have a visual memory?
Do you need labels and post-its everywhere?
Add those items into how you organize and it will make things much easier.
I'm a super visual and tactile learner.
I have to touch it and see it or I forget about it.
Which is why my classroom looks like this....

Not my proudest moment.
It really does bother me that all these bins are directly above where my kids put their personal items but...
I don't have the space to place them anywhere else..
If they were locked away in some closet...I'd forget about what I had.
With the bins out in the open like this I'm forced to see them everyday.
I got the idea to organize my thematic units like this from Dee Wills.
She's amazing.
Check her out.
This organization system is just one of her MANY fantastic ideas.

The bins are only about $5 at Target and they fit tons of stuff.
I put EVERYTHING in these bins.
They are organized by thematic units or items I use regularly and need lots of storage space.
These bins hold center activities, books, books on cd, manipulatives, crafts and much more.
Beside each bin are poems or previously created anchor charts that go along with that theme.

Each time we work on a new unit or theme, I pull down a bin...unload all the necessary goodies and get to work!

Just so you know..
I didn't start my teaching career with these bins...or anything like it!
I can distinctly remember throwing away TONS of stuff I made/created my first two or three years of teaching.
When it finally dawned on me that I probably should be saving the work I made I started placing it in pocket folders.
I had (and still have) tons of folders filled with thematic work.
Then, when the folders got a little too overloaded I moved everything into a three inch binder.
I still have binders full of work that is too big for a folder...but too small for a bin.

My big tip would be start small.
But make sure you weed through it every now and then.
Make sure you label your folders/binders/bins!

Check back tomorrow to see how I try to keep up with the day to day crazy!!


15 October 2014

Super Exciting News!

Y'all....I've got some very exciting news!

I am so lucky to be a part of an amazing group of bloggers.
We have joined forces to create....

We are so excited to bring you new creations, useful tips and information each day.

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That's not all y'all...
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And the news gets even better because we are celebrating the launch of Primary Powers with an exclusive deal with Educents!

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Products are thematically correct for the upcoming seasons!  
- spiders and camping for October
- turkeys, Thanksgiving, scarecrows for November
- winter, penguins, the holidays, and New Years for December

Other great items include:
- a calendar that could be used as a parent gift
- a data folder to track student growth
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- printables
- units of study

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