29 June 2014

Weekend Warriors: Pinspirational June Part 2

Hi y'all!

OMG I got some great ideas from checking out some other teacher's awesome blog posts.

They had such great ideas...I added it to my every growing To Do list.

Today's Part 2 is all about Pinterest food!

Pinterest is my go to whenever I want to make something yummy- which is all the time.

These pretzel bites are so yummy!  They take a couple of steps (mixing the dough, boiling, etc.) but  nothing beats the taste of freshly backed pretzels.  You'll need to make sure you have lots of time and lots of space to make these.

This is a pepper garlic chicken recipe.  I LOVE pepper garlic chicken....this was not very good.
I'm not sure if I messed up the recipe or if the recipe isn't very good.  I'm going to stick to ordering it at my favorite Thai restaurant.

This. Is. Everything.  
It is a black eyed pea dip and it tastes AMAZING. I only make it for New Year's Day (it's a tradition in our family to eat black eyed peas for the new year).  But once you make it...you want to make more...and more..
It's so good.
Make it.

This is a delicious recipe for spaghetti squash and kale with chickpeas.  I had never had spaghetti squash before this recipe.  It was delicious.  It's the only way I make spaghetti squash now.  It's super hearty and perfect for fall.

This is a recipe for raspberry beer punch.  It's amazing. It's so perfect for summer.  It's horrible because it tastes like juice..and you keep drinking it because you think it's juice.
It's not juice.
Be careful.

Our family (read me and my husband) love kettle corn.  We love it.  It's so yummy.
This is the best recipe for kettle corn.  I had no idea how quick and easy it is.  
There are days when we eat it for dinner.

This is so yummy.  It's a recipe for enchilada soup.  You pop everything in a crockpot...go to work.. come back and dinner is done. It's hearty and super flavorful.  Perfect for those horribly cold winter nights.  We like to heat up some tortillas on the gas stove and dip them in the soup. Yum!

This is a recipe for pork loin.  It is fantastic.  Mr. Roboto doesn't eat pork...so  I only make this when he is our of town.  I can't tell you how delicious it is. The meat is so tender!  And the best part...is that it's all done in a crock pot!

I used to get numerous requests to make this bread.
I make it as a Christmas gift for my co-workers and they love it.
It takes a lot of effort.  It's a serious bread making activity.  But it is so worth it.
I can't tell you how many times I've made this...and I've only messed up one batch.
It's delicious.

I recently purchased a Ninja Blender and I'm on the hunt for the yummiest smoothie recipes I can find.
I tried this one yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised.  It was simple and delicious.  And you can't get much better than that.

Well. Now I'm hungry.
If you click on any of the pictures it will lead you to my Pinterest yummy board.  You can find the recipes for any of these delicious treats there.
Let me know what you try out and how it works for you!
I'm always looking for a new recipe.
I loves to eat.

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28 June 2014

Weekend Warriors-Pinspirational June

Hi Y'all!
I am so sorry I haven't blogged in a month.

I was so busy finishing up the school year…I just didn't schedule my time right.
We had our last day of school last week! It was really hard to say good-bye to these kiddos.
We had a great year together.
And now…It's SUMMA TIME!

I'm so excited for summer!

Today's post is the first of two.  This month's Weekend Warriors theme is Pinspirational June!

I've been an pinner since the conception of Pinterest. I haven't been so good at pinning lately..But I always go to it as a resource for food, school or outfit ideas. It definitely was my first search stop when planning my wedding.  I don't think I even use Google anymore…I pinterest things first.

Anywho…one of my most repinned pins is this:

I pinned this over 2 years ago and it's been repinned 97 times.  It comes from Creating and Teaching.  You can check out her blog here.

I've always thought this was a great idea…and I never did anything with it. I think it's a great way for kids to practice their letter matching, fine motor skills and vocabulary building.

I decided I'd make my own version of this awesome activity.  This summer, I will be teaching summer school to kindergarten ELL students.  I will be teaching three days a week for an hour.  I wanted to have theme for our summer school…and I thought Space and Planets would be a great idea.

So when it was time to recreate this activity, I had the theme ready to go!
Here are some pictures of what I did:

I started with some pictures about Space and Planets.

Then I glued them to some mini sentence strips I found at Michaels.

I wrote the word next to each picture and wrote each word on a set of clothespins.

Here are a couple finished products.  I need to laminate them for durability but I love how they came out!

I think my kiddos will enjoy this.  I might do a similar activity in the beginning of the school year with my kiddos pictures.  These were quick and easy to make and can be done with any theme!

Thank you Creating and Teaching! It was a great idea!

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Come back tomorrow to see my home and life Pinterest ideas....they're mostly about food.

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