12 April 2014

What's your weight issue?

Don't worry I'm not trying to find out what you weigh…
Just how you teach weight in your classroom.

I do a lot more weight and measurement in the beginning of school with apples and pumpkins…
Then I measure the kids height three different times in the school year…
But I realize that I neglected to have a consistent weight activity at my math centers.

I know Measurement and Data is a skill throughout most grade levels using the Common Core.  I wanted something that the kids could do without my help…but still gather a strong concept of weight mostly the idea of lighter or heavier.  I also wanted my kids to start making educated guesses about weight.  
SO…last weekend I created these Weight Task Cards to use at my Measurement and Data center.  

The kiddos and I had a conversation about the balance.  Many kiddos mentioned that they have seen a balance in the grocery store…but never had used one themselves.  They were so excited to get a chance to weigh things on their own.  

Here are few pics of my kids in action.

The kids had so much fun. 

I'm so happy with these task cards.  I can't wait to create more.  



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