11 November 2013

4 weeks, 27 days ...

Until I'm a MRS.!

Only 27 days until the big day.
I'm very stressed.

I never remember my dreams...and in the past 3 days I've had two very vivid dreams.
The first was about the wedding...I was with my grandma getting ready and she kept saying I needed to change this and that...I got really annoyed.
I woke up exhausted and slightly panicked.  When I told Mr. Roboto, he said he'd been having stressed dreams for a month!
We are a mess.
Last night I had a dream about being pregnant...no bueno.
I'm not pregnant...
I'm not even sure I want kids.
That dream stressed me out.

My dress is at the tailors for a some work...
I need to schedule a rental car...
Most things are finished...
but that doesn't make me feel better.


So I had a question for you TpT sellers.

How do you use the information you receive about transaction details?
TpT is awesome in that they create a spreadsheet to let you examine your sales data.  I looked at mine for the past year...and I was curious as to how others look at the data.

I'm sure we are all data drunk from school related stuff..but I'd love to know how you examine the information and what you do with it after?


02 November 2013

November Currently

Hi Y'all

Did everyone else have a wacky week?  OMG the kids were bananas.
I kept taking deep breaths and making sure they had plenty of opportunities to get their crazy out.

I love Halloween! The kids were so cute in their costumes.  I went as the Bride of Frankenstein.

I love tutus! So comfortable and adorable!

I linked up with Farley's Currently for the month of November.

Listening:  The Good Wife! I can't stop watching this show.  It's so interesting.  We got rid of cable and I love that I can watch season after season of shows that I like.

Loving:  Yesterday and today we have had unusually warm weather.  It's 63 degrees today and sunny!

Thinking:  About my To Do list.  I've got about 30,235 things to do.  I make lists and section them off based on categories.  Wedding, Life, School, TpT...I'm about to lose my mind with To Do's.  And if I have to look at and decided between another pair of white heels...I swear I'm going to scream.  Only 36 more days to go!

Wanting:  Sleep....sleep. glorious sleep.

Needing:  A few days off.  I just need a 4 day weekend to get everything done on my to do list. Maybe a 5 day weekend...6 days would do it for sure.

A yummy pin:

I used to  make this yummy rosemary bread regularly.  I make small batches and give them to friends/family for Christmas.  Here's the link http://www.ahintofhoney.com/2011/04/rosemary-olive-oil-bread/

Have a great weekend!
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