29 July 2013

I'm back...

Hi y'all!

Well..we moved in to our new place and I'm in love.  There's so much space!  There are tons of dogs that live here and Ben seems so happy! We are extremely happy!
However, Mr. Roboto has been out of town all last week...and he's out of town for this week...So I've been doing most of the unpacking, organizing and cleaning.  Which, I really don't mind because it also means I get to make things look the way I want them to look...you know, the right way!

I know the stress of moving was making me a little wonky...but I think I was a little overwhelmed/depressed.  Packing all of my craft materials meant I couldn't create anything for a while. It surprised me how often I just wanted to make something...anything.  Now, my first week in my new place, I've gone a little creating crazy.  It makes me so happy to make new things for our home and my classroom.  You can see a couple pics of my work below. I've linked up with 4th grade Frolics for Monday Made It!

This is my Ung mirror from Ikea...I love this mirror..I bought it when we lived in Austin and it made the trip to Newport safe without a break.  It made the trip from Newport to Massachusetts without a break...Then, while in my new place, I sat it down to find a place to hang it, stepped away and BAM! It broke! Now there's a large crack down the middle.  I was devastated! I refused to give it up...I didn't want to let it go..So I thought I'd try to salvage it with a little cork board from Michael's.  They sell cork board in a roll and you can cut it and adhere it to whatever you want!  So, for about $12 I refurnished the mirror into this...

Here it is with a little note attached.

I love it! I can't wait until it's filled up with all my To-Do notes.  I have a lot of To-Do notes..a lot..ugh

I also made a little sign for the bathroom.  Michael's (it's my second home)  has some wooden frames for sale for cheap.  I picked up two..painted them and added a printable from one of my favorite songs...
Love it!

While I took a little break away from blogging, I took an opportunity to read up on blog posts...I read the infamous post regarding TpT and "cuteness".  I've read the rebuttals. I completely understand why people would disagree with the statements made about TpT...

But, all the drama made me reevaluate what I do as a blogger...I'm guilty of promoting my work and not my ideas.  I know it's important to share what I create with others...but I'm not a billboard, and neither is my blog.   I'm making a commitment to write posts of substance...with things to share..not just advertise.

There are so many important and influential ideas that we have to share with one another...

SO! In the spirit of sharing, here are a few things I will use in my classroom this year.

With some inspiration from Marisa at First Grade Glitter and Giggles, I made a "Teacher, can I..." management system.  I can not tell you how crazy I get when I'm asked 23 different times, "Can I use makers?" after explicitly saying' "No markers."  I go insane! So this system will be a great visual reminder and cue for my students... I can truly say my expectations ONCE and then point to the wall, if someone needs a little extra "clarity". Here's what the system looks like...laid out on my carpet.
I'll post this on my dry erase wall and simply and a check or X in the appropriate places. I'm really excited to see the way this works in my classroom this year.  But, I truly think it will be a great help!  Here are a few more pics.  Click on any of them to get yourself a copy for free.

I have been reading Jan Richardson's book, The Next Step in Guided Reading.  It has been a fantastic read! I feel really inspired about my small groups this upcoming year.  When working with pre-emergent readers (specifically students who can not identify letters of the alphabet), she suggests using a tracing alphabet.  She says that students should not use a pencil or dry erase marker while tracing, but simply use their finger.  She also suggest that each letter should contain a few pictures to so students can make a connection between the letter and letter sound. I made a set of tracing alphabet cards, that'll use with my small groups this year.  Click the pics to get your copy.

I'll leave you with a little shopping tip...cause you know how much I love to get my shop on.
Yesterday, Mr. Roboto and I headed on a shopping trip to Michael's (I'm obsessed), Staples and Target.  When we got to Staples we both went a little crazy.
Here's a list of what I bought at Staples:
2 packs of White Out with 2 bottles in each pack
4 pencil cases
2 sets of mechanical pencils with 5 pencils in each
1 pack of mechanical pencils with 2 pencils in each (these are a little fancier)
1 pack of ultra fine Sharpies with 12 Sharpies
10 2-pocket prong folders
AND I used my 15% off card...
for a grand total of $8.52!
WHAAA...Here's a pic.

I'm on my way there today to grab some more goodies!


17 July 2013



I hit a wall guys.

you know as teachers we push and push and push ourselves until we either 1) break or 2) get to our goal.

Well...I hit my limit.

Just a moment to vent...

I've posted every day from since the 1st of July (a small feat for some but might for me).
I teach Summer school Tuesday-Thursday and drive 2 hours both ways.
I come home and pack in an non-airconditioned 80 degree apartment until 11.
Mr. Roboto is working on over time and doesn't come home until 10:30...So I never see him...
I'm tired y'all.

I hit my limit...

I know things will get better once we are in our new place but...ugh.

So...the Bargain of the Days will continue...but if you don't mind...I'll be posting them via my Facebook page.  Just until I move and have more time to dedicate to an actual substantial blog post...

I hope you don't mind.  But I promise to do better...I just need a little time.

Here's the bargain of the day for today...I'm sorry it's late.


16 July 2013

BOTD 16 and a little tech help

Hi y'all!

So..I've never offered tech help before...
I always just Goggle or Pinterest (totally a verb) when I want to know something.

I just assume that other people do the same...

But then I thought...what if I could help some one!!??

So, I'm not sure if you know how to this but here is a quick and easy tutorial on how to add a product link in your TpT description area.  This is a great way to get customers to similar products with one quick click.

Here's the code:  <a href="product link">text description</a>

Does that make sense?  I hope it worked well for you.  If it is still a little difficult to understand, let me know and I'll send you these screen shots as a step by step guide for you!

Here's the Bargain of the Day:


15 July 2013

BOTD 15 and ugh

Hi y'all.

Do you just have one of those days?  When nothing seems to be going the right way...and you just want to move to Australia?
I'm having one of those days.

I woke up early because we only have a few days left in Newport and I want to get TONS done.  I stepped into the bathroom only to see...Mr. Roboto had used MY TOWEL. He knows it's my towel. I hate when he uses my towel.  He never hangs it up properly and it lies limp over the shower curtain.. HE NEVER PUTS THE TOWELS ON THE TOWEL RACK....and he doesn't fold towels...so it's all...sad and limp and not okay.  I hate when he uses my towel...I have two towels he has about 10 to choose from...why he chose my towel...I have no idea!  I was livid.  It's my towel.

I'm an only child...

Then...I head out..still kinda angry about the towel but...whatevs I'm going to Michaels.  I've got a 25% of EVERYTHING coupon...I'm golden Pony Boy.

Cut to Michaels-nothing.  I found nothing.  What kind of parallel universe am I in that I find NOTHING at Michaels?! I left still mad about the towel but more upset about finding nothing at Michaels.

I decide to head to TJ Maxx.  I've never been to a TJ Maxx and I keep seeing all these ridiculously cute photos on Instagram that basically say, "Hey, I'm TJ come visit me.  I've got stuff you can buy."

So I go. And what did I find?

This...this beautiful piece of art...this chair that BECKONS for me to purchase it and add it to our new home. It loves me.  I love it.


I begged Mr. Roboto...please let me have this I know it's expensive and we are moving..but I NEED IT!

As I was pleading...I get a phone call with an estimate from my movers...They want $500. Which isn't bad and I am so grateful that we have the money to afford movers but...this chair...it belongs with me..
and there is no way I can drop $500 for movers and $300 for a chair in the same week and still feel ok inside.  So.. Mr. Roboto and I agreed.  At the end of July, if this chair is still at there..I can buy it.

I want it now! I want the golden egg!

If you live in Newport...please don't buy this chair...it already has a forever home.

Well, to add to me not getting my towel, not finding anything at Michaels and not getting my chair of a lifetime...I'm late to post today's bargain of the day.

Hope you have a great day! Don't let anyone steal your towel!

14 July 2013

BOTD 14 and mid July

It's mid July. MID JULY!

What happened to summer?  What have I been doing this entire time? When do you go back to school? Are you ready?
I'm not allowed back into school until August 5 and that makes me a little anxious.

Luckily, we are moving next weekend and I'm sure my time will be spent unpacking and rearranging but...
I just love getting into my classroom and making everything beautiful. I love printing out tons of goodness and then laminating until I can't laminate no more!
Oh! and the school supplies...and new folders.  I LOVE the start of school!

But I am a little concerned how quickly the summer goes by...who can I talk to about that?

Here's the bargain of the day:  I accidentally included the wrong picture...the bargain is for the entire packet..not the preview.  My bad.  Click on the picture to go directly to my store.

Here are a few pics of what's included:


13 July 2013

BOTD 13 and Apple TV

Well hello!

Thank you for the help with the registry question.  Your advice helped us out a ton! I will register at a couple of other places to make sure I provide variety for our guests.

Sorry I'm late today..we woke up and headed to Home Depot to purchase some boxes for the upcoming move...which is just one week away...which means I'm having mini panic attacks every night.
I just feel like there is so much to do...and I feel like I keep forgetting something...I'm sure I am.

It'll be ok.  Breathe.

We decided that we would get rid of cable..so instead of cable we decided to purchase Apple TV.  We have a subscription to Hulu and Netflix and figured between those we should be good to go.
Well our Apple TV came in the other day...and Mr. Roboto hooked it up to our TV this morning.
OMG it's so awesome.  The picture quality is insane and the ease of sharing everything via HomeSharing is ridiculous.  I've got all my music available through my TV.  And, Mr. Roboto says there's a way to make my TV my computer screen.. WHAA!?
I'm loving it!

Here's the bargain of the day.


12 July 2013

BOTD 12 and registry

Hi y'all.
Sorry this is zoo late but I woke up feeling HORRIBLE.  I went right back to sleep and slept for another 3 hours...I must have really needed it because now I feel great!
Towards the end of the school year, I caught Fifths disease.  It's a virus and it's ridiculous. It makes your joints swell and your hands and feet puff up.  It also makes your muscles ache and you are incredibly sleepy.  It lasts for about 3-4 weeks, but once you have it you can never catch it again.  But, I feel like every now and then I get "flair ups" or something... I think that might have been what happened to me today.  If you hear that Fifths disease is going around your school...try and stay away.  It's a virus so there's not too much you can do but you definitely don't want to get it!  Have you had Fifths disease?

In other news, I am overwhelmed and confused by this whole registry process.  The other day I stopped at Crate and Barrel on a whim. I thought...I might as well see what this whole deal is.  A lady took me around the store...showed me where everything was...and showed me how to download a registry app from Crate and Barrel.  It was a lot of fun! So...I started scanning things that I thought I wanted...that was TONS OF FUN...but then I thought, who wants to buy us a ladle?  Do people want to buy people ladles and wooden spoons?  But this is what it's about right?  I'm supposed to register for things to use...and people who love us want to give us those things...right?
Now, what am I SUPPOSED to register for?  Do people still register for china AND every day dishes?
Are we allowed to register at multiple places?  Is that rude?  How many would be considered too many?
Do you have an tips or advice? I'm so confused.

Here's the bargain of the day:


11 July 2013

BOTD 11 Smart Boards and Brag Tags


Sooo turns out the whole grant writing thing has to be put on pause..
I have to get approval from someone in the IT department before I send the grant to the committee...and I have to have it approved 10 days before I submit my proposal.  And the deadline for submission is....this Sunday. So...looks like I have to wait.
Which is fine because I won't be rushed to write my proposal...I can take my time and do some research.
Thank you for all your help ...

Now...I need you for something else.

I'm very interested in learning more about these "Brag Tags" I've been reading about in Blogland.  I've even seen a few teachers create their very own personalized tags.  That's pretty awesome.
Here's the Brag Tag site.

Now, I understand what Brag Tags are...but what I'm interested in knowing is...what's your management system like?  Where do you store the necklaces?  Do your kids wear them all day?  Do they ever get to take them home?  Do you use the Brag Tags AND a clip system?  Do other teachers on your campus use the Tags too? I want to know all the details.

Comment below and let's talk it out.

Here's the Bargain of the Day:


10 July 2013

BOTD 10 and Smart Boards

Hi everyone!

Ummm...It's almost the middle of July.  Which means it's almost the end of July.  Which means it's almost August.

Where did the summer go?

We move next weekend and I am so excited...I just need to get my butt in gear and start packing.
I HATE moving.  I hate sweating and carrying heavy things and climbing stairs and sweating and being angry because I'm sweating.   There is NO way we would move all our stuff without help. We are hiring movers.  This helps ensure we stay in love with each other...

So, yesterday I asked a question about Smart boards on my Facebook page.  I'm trying to write a grant to get funding to purchase a Smart board for my classroom.  I still have some questions but I think I get the big picture. Smart boards are awesome.

Do you have a Smart board?  Have any words of wisdom or advice?  I could definitely use your help.  Leave a comment below offering your best advice...what extra things should I include in the grant?

Oh and here is today's Bargain of the Day.


09 July 2013


Hi y'all

I am unprepared ...
I'm sorry.

But, I did finish all of my mustaches!

Here is the deal!


08 July 2013

First Ever Monday Made it!

So sorry for the double post...
But I LOVE what I made today.
And I had to share.

Here's a little background.

Today marks the 5 month marriage mark.  That's right! I will be a married woman in 5 months!
How fast time flies! It's so crazy that soon I will be a Mrs.!

Before I met Mr. Roboto I thought I was going to be a spinster...I had actually come to terms with being alone for the rest of my life and possibly adopting, when and if I wanted children.

And then...he came along.


But I digress...
So along with all the happy, giddy feelings I have ... I am also stressed ... out of control stressed.

Every time I think I check one thing off my list...I think of two more things I need to add on.

And then...I talk to other soon to be brides...and they remind me of the other 500 things I'm "supposed" to do.

But...It will all work out and everything will be ok...and we will be happy and have tons of fun.

So...I decided I'd finally get some wedding things done today.  Mr. Roboto and I are pretty crafty.  I LOVE crafts...and he likes to draw...which means we are going to be doing a lot of things for the wedding ourselves.

Here are the Save the Dates I made.

The pencil has our website on it.  I loved making these...please excuse the grease stain...I was eating Chinese.

So, my dear friend found this great idea online and pinned it to my shared wedding board.  We are having a photo booth...but I didn't want to make/buy props.  I thought this would be the perfect way to incorporate props for cheap. Bonus-they are disposable.  Here's what I made.

If you can't read the fine print it says: 

Be Your Own Evil Twin
We all know you would never misbehave at our wedding reception.
But your evil twin..well who knows?
Please feel free to employ this mischievous facial hair as need so no unruly behavior is unfairly attributed to you.
Any blame will go directly to your evil twin.
and your reputation will continue to shine.

Don't you love it!!!?????

The mustache peels right off.  I bought a pack of 6 for $1.  I bought 14 packs...I tapped in to my card stock hoard,  savings stash (get it...stash?).  So in all...I spent around $16. LOVE IT!!

Oh, and thanks to Fourth grade Frolics for hosting such a fun linky!


BOTD 9 Morning Work

Good Morning,

Today's post is going to be short and sweet as I have to get on the road...
It's my first day of Summer School...and if I don't leave in the next 5 minutes I will LIVE in traffic.

Here's the Bargain of the Day.
 Only 1.50!!!

Tomorrow...I will do better!

07 July 2013

BOTD 7 and Mixed Up sentences


Well we packed and cleaned and packed some more yesterday.  We threw out 5 garbage bags of stuff we no longer needed.  It was awesome.  Mr. Roboto (aka hoarder of everything) was great! He got rid of tons of stuff.  It was a very productive day! Just have to do it...8 more times before we are ready to move.

I'm trying to stay positive and constructive.  So, we woke up early this morning, cleaned the house and we get to reward ourselves with a trip to Michaels.  I'm so lucky to have a guy who likes going to Michaels!  He doesn't follow me around and ask we can we leave.  We walk in...go to our respective areas and find each other when we are ready to check out.  TRUE LOVE!

During this past school year, I didn't spend a lot of time working on sentence structure with my kids.  We did a couple of mixed up sentences every now and then...but nothing substantial.  So...I thought I'd create something that I could use every month either at a literacy center or with my small groups.  Here's a few pics.

I'm hoping to add more to this packet as time goes on.  Different themes and differentiated sentences.  And as a thank you...I'll give this new creation away to the first 3 people who comment!

I am working on a little something that I am VERY excited about.  
I have so many goals/must dos for this school year...It's hard not to get excited.  One of my goals is to improve my guided reading time.  I'm going to make a schedule...A REALLY specific schedule. I'm also going to reorganize my small group activities by skill/focus.
I also need to update my pacing guide for the new year.
AND...I really want to get my writing center activities refocused and organized.  I feel like my kids go there without clear expectations...which leads to chaos and frustration.

LOTS TO DO! But, as soon as I get this gem finished up...I'll be sure to share.

Moving on...
Today's Bargain of the Day is...

 I love these Count the Room activites! So much fun...and only $1 today!

06 July 2013

BOTD 6, July 6

Good morning!

I am not ready to do anything today.
Mr. Roboto and I have to start packing and cleaning ... if we work hard through the day maybe we can reward ourselves with a trip down to beach...or Michael's.

Here's todays Bargain.

It's a packet I made to go along with the story The Snowy Day.  Which is one of my most favorite stories.  Each year we do an author study of Ezra Jack Keats and after we've read numerous books by him...my kids still pick Snowy Day as their favorite.

Here are some pics of what's included:

This packet features Math and Literacy activities and is differentiated to meet the needs of your classroom.  29 pages of fun for $2 today.


05 July 2013


Hi y'all.

I hope everyone had a fantastic 4th.

We didn't do fireworks, or BBQ.  We went out for dinner...to Chili's. See Mr. Roboto is Canadian and my family never made a big deal out of the 4th.  We will have to figure out a way to get more patriotic...

I started packing for the big move and while cleaning, discovered this.

It's card stock from Michaels and I have over 25 packs of it.

I love them so much.  They come in some many different color combinations... They make me happy.
Mr. Roboto doesn't understand why I need so many...I keep telling him that's not the point.

On to the Bargain of the Day.
Today's bargain is: 

This is my Eat your Veggies! packet.  There are over 40 pages in this pack and includes the following skills:
Memory Match game
Sorting pages
Graphing Game
Number Hunt
Fruit and Veggie Vocabulary cards
Find your Fruit:  A sight word game

And here are a few pictures from the pack:

All that and more for $1.50!! Click the BOTD picture at the top to add a copy to your cart.

Remember tomorrow is a new day and a new bargain!!

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