30 June 2013

One more day!

Hi y'all!

One more day until the big switch over...
I'm still very confused about this whole Google Reader thing but...I'm scared to never see you again...
I'd miss you too much.
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More importantly...Tomorrow is the big day...

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29 June 2013

My very first Currently and BOTD

I've never done a Currently before so here goes:

I live for the movie Pitch Perfect.  I've seen it so many times, I almost have it memorized...kinda like Clueless.
Seriously, the movie is hilarious and it's got singing...and dancing sooo...

The only way to keep my sanity this year was to make numerous To Do lists.  I first did them on post it notes but since I bought an iPhone I do it all on Evernote and can sync it to my iPad and Macbook.  Evernote is one of the best inventions in the history of inventions.  I've checked so much stuff off my to do lists...but then keep adding more...it's an endless cycle.

Seriously...as I type this I keep switching over to my Evernote account and adding stuff to my to do lists...Mostly just ideas but I don't want them to get lost in the swirl of crazy I call my brain.  We REALLY must get on the whole packing thing.  We move in about 20 days. 
If you don't know we live in Newport, RI. We love it here. It's beautiful and we are a 10 minute bike ride from the beach.  It's great. HOWEVER...
We both work in Massachusetts.  I work in Bedford and Mr. Roboto works in Boston.  I have a 2 hour travel to work everyday...and 2 hours back home.  It has been incredibly draining and exhausting...so we are moving to be closer to our jobs.  We found a great loft that takes dogs so Ben will be very happy....We really need to pack.

I want someone to pack for me.  But because I'm a little bit of a control freak...that's never gonna happen.  I have a really strong visual and tactile memory.  I know exactly where something is if I touch it and place it somewhere.  So, if someone else packs for me..I'd flip out...not knowing where stuff is stresses me out...which is why I was a mess when dear Ben went missing for a day.

Oh, how I miss Texas.  I don't miss the 100 degree weather.  But I do miss my friends and family.  My best friend from college just had a baby girl and I missed it all.  The birth, seeing her pregnant...everything.  That hurts.  I know that when/if I get pregnant I want to be surrounded by the love and support of my friends and family...it crushes me that I couldn't be there with her.

That's why I'm in need of a plane ticket home.  Hopefully, I can find some time in August and make my way back to the Lone Star State.

I don't have any blogging tricks...I mostly steal mine from other bloggers or Pinterest...I'm always a buck late and a dollar short when it comes to finding the newest/best way to do something.
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Bloglovin and Bargains

Hi Y'all!

Ok this is my very last Public Service Announcement about Bloglovin'.  Google Reader goes away July 1st so I'm not sure how you will stay up to date on all my crazy....

Thank you to First Grade Blue Skies for letting me use this adorable picture.

Here's the reason I want to make sure you are up to date on all my posts:

That's right! Starting July 1st until July 31st, I'll feature a Bargain of the Day.  It's a great opportunity to get items from my TpT store at a great price (like REALLY good).  However,  the only way you'll know about what's up for grabs is if you are following me (in one way or another).  

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Check back on July 1st to see the Bargain of the Day!


27 June 2013

I went crazy

I went crazy.
I worked really hard on bundling my Morning Work (click here) that I rewarded myself with a trip to Michaels...

As you may know from previous posts, I LOVE Michaels and I always buy something when I go.

It's my happy place.

So I had seen some pics on Instagram (Click here) of those Scentos markers.  I've seen them a couple of times and been like..

"Two dollars for a marker? Ain't nobody got time for dat."

But Michaels had them on sale for 50 cents! 50 cents!

I went crazy.

My Michaels had the regular makers, dry erase markers, pens, and much more all on sale.

I went crazy.

Here's what I got.

These are the regular Scentos markers.  I grabbed only 9 of these.
It gets crazier.


These are the Dry Erase kind. DRY ERASE!! They are so awesome...the smell is lovely...I bought...
14 of them.  Because they're dry erase markers.

Here's when it gets bad...

These are Sidewalk Chalk Scentos. SIDEWALK CHALK! I thought these would be the perfect end of the year gift for my kiddos next year....so I bought 26 of them.  They were 50 cents. DEAL!

Then there were these...

"What are those weird looking things?" you ask.  They are paint dabbers.  And they were on sale...and by sale I mean almost free.  These things were 1 CENT!! A PENNY! Are you kidding me?! A PENNY!! I bought all that the had...which was only 9 but...OMG A PENNY!

Then I splurged a little...I pulled out the big bucks...

These were 1.99.  They are little erasers. There are flip flops, crabs, and fish inside.  I also bought one with monkeys, lions and crocodiles.  I thought I could use these little erasers to make a packet.  Here it is:

I can't wait to use it with my summer school kiddos! I'll work on a Safari version soon.  If you would like your very own copy head on over to my Facebook page..It's under the Fan Freebie tab.

Oh and get yourself over to Michaels RIGHT NOW!!


25 June 2013

I caved in

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I caved in!!
I joined Bloglovin.  I was so confused by the whole end of Google Reader thing... I got a little worried and just said WHATEVER! better safe than sorry right?

Plus I must have great timing because Tori from Tori's Teacher Tips, is featuring a blog hop today.  It's only for folks on Bloglovin to find other blogs on Bloglovin.

So go ahead and click on the little  new button up in the right hand corner ---->
Then head over to Tori's blog and start following some amazing blogs.


24 June 2013

Clip art Controversy

-I hope I don't offend anyone with this post...These are simply my opinions/thoughts/ideas-

Like most teachers/bloggers/TpT creators, I am extremely obsessed with clip art.
I am constantly looking for something fun, different, attractive, and adorable.
I find great stuff on TpT or on Etsy.


I keep coming across GREAT work...that excludes children/people of color.
I don't think it's done on purpose...

I don't know the first thing about designing clip art and I can't imagine how much time it takes to create something like that.  I just find it frustrating to truly like something but feel limited because only one option is available.

And I write this post because I think about my students.  I think of the beautiful shades of color that paint my classroom.  When I create items for my own personal use...I want my students to be represented in that creation.  It's so powerful when students can see themselves in their work.

When we retell the story of Red Riding Hood...I love that my students can choose between a light skin or dark skin Red to sequence the story.

I know there are a TON of clip art designers who feature children/people of all colors in their work and I truly appreciate them for that...I make an attempt to purchase exclusively from them.  

Does anyone else experience this or something similar?  Am I being unreasonable?  Expecting people to be too "PC"?

23 June 2013

Giveaway at Tori's Teacher Tips!

Hi all,

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22 June 2013


I'm sorry I haven't posted in a minute...Things have been CRAZY.

I won't go into a lot of detail...but I'll fill you in on the latest crazy event.

Thursday, I was at school working hard on finishing a couple last minute details.
Suddenly, I received a phone call from Mr. Roboto...

"Ben ran away."

Ben is our adorable, loving, sweet, Lab/Beagle mix.  We adopted him in Austin...He protected me when I lived in Austin and Mr. Roboto was here on the East Coast.  He traveled with us from Texas to Newport.  He is our little man.

Mr. Roboto says that while they were out on a walk, Ben saw some animals he wanted to talk to...and pulled the leash too hard and his collar snapped and broke off.  Mr. Roboto tried to catch up with him but...Ben was just too fast. He got away. Without any information on him...

Needless to say I was crushed.  CRUSHED.

I cried all the way home....praying, hoping and wishing Ben would come home.

When I got home, Mr. Roboto and I walked our neighborhood.  I left a pitiful message with the Newport Animal Shelter.  I went to bed a wreck.

On Friday, I woke up around 8:00, but couldn't muster the strength to get out of bed.  I just laid there and thought of all my happy memories with Ben.  I hoped that if someone decided to keep him...that they would love him as much as we did.  I just hoped he was ok...even if it meant he wouldn't be with us ever again...I texted my dear friend and asked her if it was too late...if I should just cave in and give up hoping he'd come back.

She said, "Try calling the shelter one more time."

I did...The lady on the phone said..

"I think we have him."

I burst into tears...ran around to find my pants, brush my teeth, and tried as fast as possible to look like the human my Ben knew and loved.

When I got to the shelter, I described Ben and the woman said, "You were the one that left a message!  I couldn't understand what you were saying...You were crying too hard."

She went in the back and out came my sweet dear boy Ben.

I dropped to the floor and hugged him tight.  Tears flooded my eyes and spotted the floor of the shelter.

My boy Ben is back!

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