17 January 2013

Is it Friday yet?

This week was cray!

I had so many expectations...I think I fulfilled one.

I'm also insanely angry...
Mr. Roboto gets to go to Oxford, England this week...for work.
So I get to stay here...which is awesome.
I love traveling and I LOVE England...
and I am so jealous.

Also wedding planning...
A photographer, caterer, wedding website, music, decorations, invitations, guest count.
I keep telling myself to minimize, minimize, minimize....but my brain just says
stress, stress, stress.
I carry a notebook with me everywhere I go and write down any ideas that pop into my head...any suggestions...anything!

BUT...through all the cray I was able to produce February's Morning Work!

I included one page for the 100th day.  Ours isn't until February so...if yours is earlier you're in luck because I left the month portion blank so it works for either January or February. Click here to get it. BOOM.

It's 10:30 now...I'll keep it up for free until 11:30...Gotta get my sleep on.
February's Morning Work features:
Groundhog Day
Mardi Gras
100th Day
Presidents Day
Dental Health stuff
and my favorite...Valentine's Day!

So I made this quickie the other day when I realized my kiddos needed more practice with ten frames to 20.  My kids came up with the name Mitten War!  So...fill in the ten frames with numbers 1-20.  On the blank mittens you can write the numbers 1-20 or the number words...or do both for an additional challenge.  I printed the ten frames and blank mittens out on different color pages so my kiddos could see the difference.  Cut, laminate, etc... Next, make sure to mix them up...split evenly...make sure the cards are face down...have kids flip over a card one at a time...the student with the mitten that has the larger number gets to keep both cards...continue to play until there are no cards left...You get it.  It's fun, the kids love it. BOOM! Win-Win.  Here are some pics...click to d-load.



12 January 2013

The Magical Product Swap

Hey y'all!
Today is the Magical Product Swap day!

These product swaps are tons of fun.  We get to exchange products with another blogger. My partner was Ms. Lanier from Ms. Lanier's Lions.
I got to review her "Snow Much Fun" packet...and let me tell you, it was SNOW MUCH FUN! (punny)

There are tons of activities in this packet.  Here is what's listed on her TpT site:
1. "Snow Many Words Around the Room" word cards & record page
2. "Snowman Sight Words" large scrambled sight words cards & record page
3. "The Snowman" emergent reader- this, for, the, is, & a
4. Label the Snowman writing activity
5. "Winter Stamp It" beginning sounds worksheet
6. "Winter Syllables" large cards & cut/ paste activity
7. Winter Clothes predictable sentences; large cards, cut/paste activity, & writing page
8. "What Am I Wearing" winter clothes labeling activity boy & girl
9. "There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow" large sequencing cards, cut/paste cards for students, & writing activity
10. Winter secret codes worksheet

1. Counting Snowflakes by 10's cut/paste
2. Counting Snowflakes 1-20 cut/paste
3. County Snowflakes by 5's cut/paste
4. Winter Number Picture Puzzle 1-10
5. Winter Number Word Picture Puzzle 1-10
6. Winter County by 10's Picture Puzzle 10-100
7. Winter Clothes Spin, Tally, & Graph activity
8. Snowman Spin, Tally, & Graph activity
9. Winter Letters Spin, Tally, & Graph activity
10. Winter Ordinals cut/paste
11. Snowball Addition; work mat, large problem cards, small snowflake manipulative cards, & record sheet
12. Counting Snowflakes Book 0-10
13. Counting Snowflakes Book 10-20

TONS!  I had my littles work on the  Picture Puzzles and they loved them.  I printed out all three versions and let them choose one.  Here's where I'm a bad blogger buddy...I forgot to take pictures...I AM SO SORRY! I promise to add pictures in on Tuesday but that doesn't dispute the facts that my kids loved the activities.  Here are a few snapshots of the activities.

Cute right! There are tons of activities in this packet. There's even activities to go along with the "The old lady who swallowed some snow" story.  You can check out her TpT store here.

Again apologize for the lack of pictures but come back Tuesday...You might even find a freebie

09 January 2013

Love, Love, Love

I'm linking up with Classroom Freebies: Manic Mondays

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday
Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday.
I love it.
I love the candy, and the happy and the love.
It's so awesome.

Last year, Mr. Roboto was up here during Valentine's Day and we didn't get to spend the day together.  This year, I'm heading back to the great state of Texas...We won't be together for Valentine's Day...AGAIN.
My love for Mr. Roboto and Valentine's Day led me to create this FREEBIE!  It's the start of what I'm hoping will be a pretty rad packet...I hope y'all like it.
The kiddos can practice building sentences.  Make the copies of the words the, heart and is on white paper.  Copy the color words onto corresponding color paper.  Cut the words and hearts out and have the kiddos build sentences.  When they are finished the can practice writing out their sentences and coloring the hearts.  I included 3 different pages so you can meet the needs of each individual student.
Let me know what you think!

I also took some picture of my class today.  They were using my Snowy Day activities!  This week we are doing an author study on Ezra Jack Keats.  We read The Snowy Day, and talked about sunny days and snowy days.  The kids used the Venn diagram to compare the two different types of weather.  The kids did a great job!  When they were finished they worked on the puzzle.  They put the pieces together then wrote out the vocabulary words.

Super cute!  The puzzle portion is featured as a preview on TpT.  And I put my Snowy Day packet on sale!  It's 15% off! Tonight only!  Click here to visit my TpT store and get yourself a copy.

01 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Hi y'all!

I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year!  I wish you tons of happiness and joy in 2013.

2012 was a quite a year for me.
On this day last year...one of my high school friends was murdered in her own home.  It was the first homicide of the year in Austin.  It was devastating.  Anyone who knew Esme...was captivated by her.  She was amazingly kind, sweet, knowledgeable and funny.  It was so sad that she was taken away from the people who loved her....There was some beauty that came out of this tragedy.  People loved her and they gathered to share their love with each other.  Even though she's gone...we can feel her love all around.

2012 was a year of great change for me.
I left my friends and family in Texas to start a new life on the East Coast.  I miss my friends and family terribly...but I am enjoying meeting new people and our new life here.

and...I got engaged!
This whole planning a wedding business is very exciting.. and stressful...and time consuming.

Well, I have a few resolutions for 2013.
1) to lose some poundage...I'll  have to squeeze this big ol' cheese and chocolate booty into a wedding dress at some point.
2)  to create!...We finally set up my office and I have room to create and invent and make! I'm so excited.  I'm going to create the heck out of 2013.
3) to love... I know around the holidays we try to be kinder to each other...try to give more...try to love more. I want to do that all year long.  I'm really hoping that 2013 will be my year of love. I'm giving it away.  Holla if you need a little!

SOO..... speaking of love..and creating...
I made a lot of stuff over the break.
1)  Remembering Martin- a quick MLK packet.  Here are some pics.

Then there's 2.
Count the Room:  Shape Edition

and then
3) Count the Room:  Alphabet Edition

And finally
4)  Count the Room:  Number Edition

So I was thinking about a little give away party.

I will make each of these FREE in my store for 30 minutes only.
Here's how it will work:
We will start with the MLK packet.  Go to my store and download it for free for 30 minutes.  After that, I'll put Count the Room: Shape Edition up for free for 30 minutes. Then the Alphabet Edition for 30 minutes...and finally the Number Edition for 30 minutes. 
SO...in the next 2 hours you can get 4 activities! For FREE!  Just make sure you keep checking in..and in the spirit of love...please spread the word. Pin it, Facebook it, email it...whatever!
Here's a direct link to my store, click here.
Happy New Year!

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