25 September 2012

Super fast and Super AWESOME

This is the quickest post in the history of posts.
If I don't make it short and sweet you will lose out on the awesome (in my own opinion).

Here is a new packet! It's a play off of my Count the Room.  You can purchase it here.  My kids played it today and LOVED it...I had to print off another copy because they all wanted to use it at centers.

This is the Halloween edition. Get it free until 10:00 pm (EST) tonight.  HURRY!

Also, my school bought an additional SMART board.  The principal is giving it away via lottery.  All we have to do is write about how we will utilize it in our classrooms. I have some ideas...but if any of you with SMART boards have some ideas and wanna help a sista out...PLEASE shoot me a comment.

Ok, love ya, bye!

24 September 2012

Morning Activities

Hi all!
I hope you were able to get yourself a copy of my Halloween activities...if so, please stop by my TpT page and leave me a comment.

So do y'all have morning activities for your kiddos?  I'm talking about morning activities for the students to do while you are waiting for everyone to arrive.  My kids trickle in in the morning...They are usually all in at about 9:15ish..School starts at 9:00.  So while we wait for everyone to come in, I usually have them working on something.  Typically, they finish up an activity from the following day but other times, I have them working on essential kinder skills. I'm talking about cutting on zig-zag lines, completing the alphabet, or practice basic phonics skills.  Now, I could always pull out my good old teacher worksheet books and make copies...(which I have been doing lately because honestly, I'm overwhelmed and morning work was the LAST thing on my mind).  But then I thought I could make my own and have it relate directly what we are learning in class.  So yesterday I got to work. I worked until early this morning and I think I'm done.  I made a set of morning activities for the month of October.  I tried to make it so the activities get progressively harder as the month rolls along.


23 September 2012

Getting spooky y'all

Hello dear reader,

It's the first day of Fall! I love Fall! It's my favorite season...not too cold...not hot.  Sweaters, boots and leggings!  Beautiful colors, apple cider, and turkey!! Oh Fall...you are wonderful.
Also, Fall is when two of my favorite holidays happen.  I LOVE Halloween ... and I LOVE Thanksgiving! I'm very happy it's Fall!

This morning I woke up and got to work...I created a Halloween packet with Math activities. I'm planning on working on a literacy counterpart tomorrow.

So like always dear reader..here it is for you FREE but only for a short time.  Today, will be even shorter than normal.  I'm posting at 3:30pm (EST), the packet will come down at 5:30 pm (EST).  If you like it...please leave a comment on my TpT or Teacher's Notebook page.

Keep checking in...I'm hoping to make lots more in the very near future (gotta find a way to pay for this wedding)!  Click on any of the pics below...it should take you straight to google docs!


18 September 2012

Candy Construction

Sooo dear reader..

Remember a little happy accident I had not too long ago? I won a giveaway for a Speak-Easi microphone, but Learning Resources accidentally sent me their Candy Construction set (you can check it out here).  I was so happy when they said I could keep the set and use it in my classroom!

Well ladies and gentleman...I must say this construction set is a BIG hit in my classroom.  My kiddos love love love it!  I was so excited about this set because it's gender neutral...and our girls need as much spatial reasoning practice as they can get.  Boys LOVE legos..and I do too...but I've found that my girls don't love them like I do...That's the great thing about this set...the girls are so excited to build AND the boys want to join in too.  I love it!

Here's some pics of my kiddos creations.  It also comes with an instruction book! Awesome!

 I would have added more but I kept forgetting to take pictures of their work. 

16 September 2012

Tell me Something Good!

I'm joining a Linky Party started by Rowdy in First Grade.  I love this Linky Party because it allows us to focus on the positive.  We get so bogged down in our school lives and our personal lives we forget to stop and think about the great things happening around us.  Like when you are busy cleaning the puddle of dog pee off your couch...you forget to think about how awesome it would be if your dog never peed on your couch in the first place....or something like that.

Tell me something good...about school:
I think I'm finally used to this schedule and getting the kids in line and ready in time for dismissal.  Again, I work with very supportive and professional people and I am very grateful/blessed/excited to be at my school.  It's going to be a great year.

Tell me something good...about home life:
Well I am in love with being engaged.  I think in my mind I had no expectations of change...but in reality a lot has changed.  Not between me and Mr. Roboto...but in terms of planning and organizing and planning!  Although this whole engagement/wedding planning thing is overwhelming...it is all very exciting.  I am a very lucky girl!

Why don't you join the party?

15 September 2012

Kindergarten Common Core

Hello dear reader...

Well I have been super busy...with school and then trying to organize some wedding stuff (which is super overwhelming).

I had a minute to take some time to look over this new resource for Kindergarten Common Core.    Texas is one of the few states that does not use Common Core so I am very unfamiliar.  My new district uses the Common Core so I need as much help as I can get!  Take a minute and check out this Kindergarten Common Core workbook.  There are TONS of resources here.  This workbook has over 600 pages of awesomeness.  Get more info by clicking the link below.

What resources do you use to help with meeting Kindergarten Common Core objectives?


12 September 2012

Erin Condren Planner

Well...a while ago I debated about whether or not to purchase a planner from Erin Condren.  I made the decision and purchased the $50 planner.  It hurt my heart a little...I did get $10 off AND some free pens soo...there was a little bit of a bargain there.

Today, I came home to find a sweet little package waiting for me at home.

Isn't the package cute!  I got really excited and rushed upstairs to open it.  
Here's what I found inside.
Then the planner! I had it personalized with my initial and last name.  There is the box of pens, some free labels, and a coupon for my next order!

Then inside..
Here's a pocket towards the back where I keep my schedule.
And here is my page of lesson plans..Not finished but a good start!

And here's another pic of the box of pens...I've heard a lot of reviews saying the pens are kinda..BLEH.  They were ok. I don't think they were out of this world...but they weren't really that bad.  They come in some fun colors and smudge a little but..meh, they were free!

 Well...I think it was well worth the $50.  It's personalized, comes with stickers, packed full of pages and seems really sturdy.  I already have plans to purchase another one for next year!

Look at what a sweet surprise I received from my new faculty and staff this morning! 
Congratulatory flowers!


10 September 2012

Student info cards

Hello dear reader!

First, I just want to thank everyone for your kind words yesterday.  Mr. Roboto and I are so excited.  I'm super elated and can't stop pinning things into my wedding board on Pinterest.

Today was my very first no work Monday and as promised I created a little something... I made a student info card for my classroom. I like to laminate them and place them on a binder ring.  I typically have it by my classroom phone so I can quickly call a parent when necessary.  I might make two this year and have one by my door so I can have it with me at dismissal to help remind me of who goes where during bus dismissal.

Also, I'll take request to personalize the document.  I can change some of the information on the card or change the color.  I have a few background prints that may fit your classroom theme.  Just ask and I will do my very best.

I'll take any request up until tomorrow at 7:00p.m. EST.  Just leave your request in a comment below!
I added this Freebie to  a linky party.


09 September 2012

Happy! Happy! Happy!

This morning Mr. Roboto woke me up to ask me a question...

I said yes! I'll be Mrs. Roboto!

05 September 2012

What you don't know...

Well!  Today was the first day I had the kids for a full day..well almost a full day.  Here's what you don't know..

-First of all my school district is pretty awesome...They are very supportive of their teachers.
-There is no school on Monday for Kindergarten...No school. None. 4 day week...EVERY WEEK
- Everyone gets out of school at 1:30 on Wednesday so that we can spend the time from 1:30-3:30 planning..learning...being PROFESSIONALS!...That's EVERY Wednesday.
-  Every teacher from kinder to 2nd grade has an assistant in the classroom half of the day.  EVERY teacher!
- The faculty and staff are all very supportive and wonderful.
It's all pretty awesome...I know that this will make most of y'all hate me...I'm sorry for that but I had to share the awesomeness. 

On to the classroom pictures!  I got to school extra early this morning and took lots of pics for y'all!

This is the dramatic play/construction zone/kinder cafe.  

Here is the word wall.  The top alphabet is from Handwriting Without Tears.  The one in the middle (above the word wall) is Dr. Jean's Alphardy.  I introduced it today...the kids loved it.

The section below the teddy bear is my Puzzle Party area.  It's got tons of puzzles, play-dough and games.  Straight ahead is my science section.  It's a little disorganized but I'm hoping to work on and add to that area soon.

Here's my teacher area. Against the window are pictures and notes...a little bit of home!

Here's my classroom library.  You can see it's kind of a small space...nice a cozy though.  

Here are my homework bags.  These are full of fun activities that students can take home once a week only after they have turned in their homework.

Here is the non-fiction half of my library.

This is my math area.  The two colored tubs on either side of the cubbies are filled with math activities.  The cubbies are filled with labeled math manipulatives.

Here is my math word wall.  Above that, is a pocket chart for my math workshop.  I love this way of running math centers.  I do a quick mini lesson...then the kids pop over to their centers!  

This is going to become my Exploration Center.  It will be where I present science vocabulary.  It will also be the place where we do our experiments.

This is the math side of my classroom.  The cute birthday cakes were a big hit with the parents!
 This is my listening center. The rules for the listening center are posted on the bulletin board.  I'm considering selling them on TpT.  Would you like a copy? Comment below.

 On the other side of the listening center, is the writing center.  In the green containers, I stored different writing activities.  I need to label them.  The bulletin board is full of different things that the kids can write about.

 This is my behavior chart.  I explained it to the kids today.  I think they get it!

This is the Creation Station.  In the blue basket are various art books in case they need a little inspiration.  In the next pic you will see the art supplies adjacent to the Creation Station.

Here are tons of supplies for the kids to get creative with. I can't remember where I found the labels but they are super cute and very helpful.  The next picture shows you a close up.

This will be our question of the day space.  Right now, I'll just use it for attendance.

Here's a poster I made...It ties in the theme quite nicely.

Here is the door to the classroom.  I wrote the kids names on little clouds to go under the rainbow.

Here is a shot of the entire classroom from the entrance.

These are my literacy activities.  Tons of goodies here!

And here's a pic of the classroom from the back door.  HUGE!

Here are a few pics of the closet...Nicely organized!...kind of.

Well! That was a whole lot of goodness!  I love my classroom! I'm very excited for this new school year!  Since I'm not working on Mondays, I'm hoping to create something new each week or at least every other week.
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