22 August 2012

I'll think of a witty title later...

Hello dear reader!
I've been working hard in my room this week.  I'm getting closer and closer to that finish line...I've got some furniture in there that needs to be removed and I'm refusing to take any pictures of my classroom until it is at 100%!  I'm neurotic like that.

So....my shopping addiction has led me to a bad bad bad place.  At my new school we get $250 to spend on anything we want for the classroom!  I know...stop drooling.  I labored over what I should purchase...centers from Lakeshore, some technology, classroom supplies? WHAT?!  I quickly realized that my classroom is missing a teacher cart. You know...those dry erase board/chart boards that we have sitting beside us during our read alouds?  What we use during shared writing and other activities...I didn't have one!  I could totally use the money on that...OR I could buy one myself and still have $250 to spend.  I'm such a shopaholic.  I bought my very own teacher cart.  Here it is:
It's not too fancy...But I love the bit in the back...to store all my poems and anchor charts! I'm excited...it should be here by Friday.  Now....what to spend my $250 on?  Any suggestions?

I thought I'd share some things with you that I made for my classroom.  A lot of it was last minute.  You know the "Oh! I should totally make a sign that says ____" moments.  I had a lot of those this week.

So Miss Kindergarten posted this awesome birthday bulletin board idea.  You can check it out here.  I took it upon myself to make my very own...not as cute or awesome but close!  I don't have a digital copy of anything because I drew the cupcake and candles myself..but you can purchase a set from Miss Kindergarten!  BONUS..hers comes with the banner too!  Here's my birthday cupcake board:

I don't know my kiddos birthdays yet...that's why there aren't any candles...

Ever since I started my student teaching I have greeted my students in the same way every morning.  They line up in front of the door and make a choice.  Hug, handshake, high five or Hollywood kiss.  They choose one of the H's and make their way into the classroom.  I LOVE IT! I don't know where it came from but there has not been one morning in my 6 years of teaching when I haven't greeted my students with an H!  They love it too...it starts our day off with a positive note.  It also lets me (an avid hugger) get my kinder love in...without being too pushy with those babies who really don't like to all the touchy touch.  It's a win win really.  Anywho, I've had to make a new addition...HAND-BUMP...I don't call it a fist bump because fist doesn't start with an H.  Anywho here's a pic of my sign!

Click on the picture to get your copy of the H chart.  The clip art is from MelonHeadz.  I removed the picture of the Hollywood Kiss and inserted a picture of the Hollywood sign.  The kissing fish pic was all I had...I couldn't access the internet and I really wanted this sign completed...blah blah.

And finally...I wanted a way to post some I can statements.  I know most of us have seen Deanna Jump's way of hanging the Common Core Standards...So that was my inspiration.  Now....I had these documents saved so that I could share them with you today but now...I dunno what I did with them. I'm losing my mind!  As soon as I find them (or remake them) I'll share them.   Here is my final product:

If you want your very own copy of the I Can statements (Common Core) for Math and Language Arts click here.  Two Fulbright Hugs is an AWESOME site!  She does some amazing things!

Lastly, I'm considering a pretty lofty purchase.  Now, I know you know I am a bargain shopper...I refuse to pay full price on most things...These Erin Condren teacher planners are soooo freaking cute!  And they are kinda on sale...What to do?


20 August 2012

Winners and Mexican food

Hello dear reader!

Here is the moment you have been waiting for!  Thank you for participating and a big thank you to my wonderful blogging friends who donated such wonderful prizes!

Here are the 9 winners!
Kelly Beam Brown-You have won an Easi-Speak microphone!  Check your email I'll need your address to send it your way.
Amber Ottman-  You won a pencil sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies!  I'll email you soo!
Sara Ventrella- You have won every item in my TpT store!  I'll be sending you an email very soon! I need a new email for you...the one I have isn't working!
Lynn Kasserman- You have won one item from Herding Kats in Kindergarten's TpT store!
Carolyn- You have won one item from Reading Toward the Stars' TpT store!
Jen- You have won Scrapbook and Stamping supplies from Rachel!
Michelle Collins Cooper- You have won one item from Bright Concepts 4 Teachers TpT store!
Liz Langhoff- You have won one item from My Not so Elementary Life's TpT store!
Doreen Van Cott Bednarski- You have won one item from Mrs. Castro's Class TpT store!

YAY!  Make sure you check your email!

Also...Newport is awesome! I love it here...HOWEVER, no bueno with the Mexican food.  I've been in the kitchen cooking enchiladas, rice and beans...I NEED MY FIX!

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19 August 2012


Hello dear reader..
Sorry for being MIA I needed a little me time.
And boy did I get it!

Of course I spent last week in my classroom...I made some serious head way and I am hoping, praying, and wishing that this week I will be completely finished with my room.

I still need to finish my Word Wall....make a math word wall...science word wall..laminate...ask about 3 billion questions. SO MUCH TO DO. I made a To o list to help me get things done...here's what that looks like.
It'll all get done?

So stress doesn't work well with me...I usually handle it by eating or shopping.  NOT HEALTHY!  I know it's bad. But it works.  So I chose the lesser of the evils and went shopping. 

I will admit I am, a shopaholic.  I love clothes, shoes, makeup, school supplies, cookware, dog toys...all of it!  BUT to ease the pain of spending, I am also a bargain shopper.  I find coupons, groupons, emails whatever it takes to get the best deal. I rarely purchase anything at full price.  It makes my heart happy to get a deal...All that being said I shopped like cray cray at The Gap this weekend.  I had a coupon for 40% off my first item plus an additional 30% off any items after!  Whatttt!? That's crazy good!  Here's what I got!
I got this blazer but in red...it's totes adorbz (I finished all the seasons of Pretty Little Liars on Netflix...I'm still gonna say totes adorbz)

Well...I didn't want to leave Mr. Roboto out of some pretty sweet deals so I bought him...
They had a Wu-Tang clan shirt...at the GAP!  I had to buy it cause, we keep it gangsta.

I think I'll wear the dress with tights, a belt and some cute leopard flats I just bought for the first day of school!


Mr. Roboto and I took a bike ride downtown today to find a place for lunch.  We had some yummy sandwiches then went for a walk...We stopped by a store that had this awesome shirt in the window.
oooooooh yea!  I bought it real fast!  How awesome is this shirt!?  It's like it was made just for me! I'm a Texas girl forever!

You've got about 2 more hours to enter in the big 100 followers giveaway!  GO GO GO!


15 August 2012

Getting better and better

Hi all.

Well I've done a lot of work in my classroom and things are moving along...

And I was finally able to LAMINATE!  I'm so happy! I love lamination!

Moving right along...
Do you remember a little mix up with the Easi Speak microphone and a Candy Construction building set?  Well, the people at Learning Resources were so kind to send me the Easi Speak microphone last week.  I can't wait to use in my classroom.  You wouldn't believe my surprise yesterday when I came home to find another package from Learning Resources waiting for me!  I was so excited I ripped open the package only to find...ANOTHER Easi Speak microphone!  Now, it would be pretty rad to have two microphones in my room but....
I contacted the rep from Learning Resources and told her about the little mix up. I also told her that I was having a giveaway.  And guess what she said?  She told me I could put the second Easi Speak microphone in the giveaway!  Hooray!

So if you've already entered, go back and "like" Learning Resources on Facebook.  That also brings our winner total up to 9!  Good Luck everyone!  The button below will take you directly to the givewaway!


14 August 2012

Featured at Fun in 1st Grade

Hi all!

I was lucky enough to be featured in Fun 1st Grade's New Teacher Blog Tuesday post.  You can check it out here:
Hopefully, you have already entered to my giveaway.  If not click the button below to go directly to Rafflecopter.  

I'm heading back into the classroom today to get more work done.  It's coming along...slowly but surely.  Will post pictures soon!

13 August 2012

100 Followers Giveaway

Finally the time has come to celebrate 100(+) Followers!

I've got some awesome prizes to giveaway!  This giveaway will last for one week.  Make sure you grab my button above so you can blog/share/pin about this giveaway...each day you earn more points! 

Good luck everyone and thank you!

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12 August 2012

Treats, sharpener, and a Giveaway

I hope everyone has found some good stuff on TpT and Teacher's Notebook today.  People are going CRAY over these sales!  I'm sure there are some good deals so make sure you comment and leave a link to your store.

A few weeks ago I won a giveaway for some yummy treats from Jenn at A Pirates life for Us.  She was sweet enough to wait until we were settled in our new place before sending it our way.  Here's a pic. 
DISCLAIMER-The basket has been altered slightly...some treats had to be consumed before the picture was taken...It was for your safety.

 You see those cute cookies in there?  They are from WKCafe in Ohio.  She is Jenn's cousin and she makes some delicious cookies!  They were great!  Thank you Jenn!

I was asked to review a pencil sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies.  I'm sure you have seen this awesome sharpener all over Pinterest and blog land.  It's pretty adorable.  It's a great size for kids and doesn't require much setup at all.  I asked Mr. Roboto to help me review it because he is an unofficial pencil sharpener aficionado.  So here's how it went.
The sharpener comes with an attachment that allows you to secure it to a table so that there is little movement as you sharpen your pencil. 
Here's Mr. Roboto working away sharpening the pencil.  It didn't take very long and there was no awkward stop/start motion like you experience with other sharpeners.
And voilĂ !  Here is the finished product! Super sharp right?  And it took very little time at all...Also, Mr. Roboto used one of those cheap, no good, don't ever use in a sharpener because it just breaks over and over and over again pencils.  I'm sure the wonderful Ticonderoga pencils will work even better! (I love those pencils!)

And now for a big announcement!

I finally have organized everything, sealed deals, called in favors, even sold my first born. (I didn't...I don't even have a first born..and even if I did I don't know if I'd sell it...)
Tomorrow will be the first day of my 100 followers giveaway!!  The giveaway will last for one full week and each day you can earn more points by blogging, pinning, or sharing via Facebook! 

Here's what's up for grabs:
*a brand new pencil sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies! (what a great way to start the new school year)
* Every item in my TpT store
* Any one item from Herding Kats in Kindergarten's TpT store
* Any one item from Reading towards the Stars' TpT store
* Scrapbook and Stamping supplies from Rachel
* Any one item from Bright Concepts 4 Teachers TpT store
* Any one item from My Not so Elementary Life's TpT store
* Any one item from Mrs. Castro's class TpT store

I really love the giveaways that have more than one winner so...I'm thinking 8 winners!  One winner per item!  The giveaway starts tomorrow so make sure you check back here and enter to win!
You can use the button below to enter (it won't work until tomorrow).   I created the button with images from Dreamlikemagic...The same awesome designer who made my blog!

A big thank you to all my followers and to those sweet bloggin' peeps who donated their awesome items! 


10 August 2012

Classroom and Sale-O-Rama

Hello Dear Reader...
WARNING: There are lots of pictures in this post!

So sorry I haven't posted in a while.  Unpacking a new home and a new classroom takes up tons of time...and energy.

I got to see my new classroom on Wednesday and here are some pics.

I inherited the room from a teacher who retired so she left TONS of goodies that I can definitely use this school year.  So exciting!
I planned on doing a Rainbow theme for my room this year based off of the Rainbow Collection from School Girl Style.  But...I am full of so much nervous energy about starting the school year I can't even begin to think about a theme.  I've got lots to reorganize and set up...slowly but surely.

The pictures don't do the room justice. The room is HUGE!  There is so much space.  As I'm planning out the layout of the room I think I might have enough space so that each center can be its very own center. No more doubling the Writing Center for the Math Center!  So excited!  All that excitement led me to making my very own Center Signs.  These are Rainbow themed (and may very well be the only Rainbow theme I can get into my room this year) but I'm sure it'll work for any classroom.  I tried to stay away from calling every center a center and instead came up with some very creative titles (in my own humble opinion).  
So...like with every product I make, these are yours for free!  They will be free until midnight(EST) tonight! Sorry so short but I'd like to add them into my stores for these upcoming sales.  So hurry up and get your download on!
It's too big to preview via Google Docs so here's a preview:

I will be having a Sale-O-Rama!  Both my Teacher's Notebook and Teachers Pay Teachers store items will be on sale.  Both at 20% off!  That's a mega deal. MEGA!  Click below to head over to my TpT sale starting August 12.

This link will take you to my Teacher's Notebook sale!


07 August 2012

Happy Day

Hi all!

Today has been a great day!  I'll share something great with you too...keep reading.

I got an email today saying that I could come into my new classroom tomorrow!  So excited to see my new room and meet people!  I have all this nervous energy about this new adventure.  It'll be good to put that energy into decorating and organizing!  I also have 6.5 thousand tons of school stuff to load into my car and haul up to the school.  I'll get it done...slowly but surely.

Also..we FINALLY got our Internet working.  So much drama for something so simple.  What a relief it is to read blogs, go on Pinterest and watch Netflix on a screen bigger than 3x5 inches.

A while ago I won a giveaway for an Easi Speak microphone.  I scheduled to have it sent to my new place so it would be here upon my arrival.  How excited I was to see a little surprise waiting for me when we moved in.  When we finally got settled in, I opened it to find not an Easi Speak microphone...but a Candy Construction Building set. 

Now, this building set is ADORABLE and I can definitely see my kids loving this!  However, it wasn't the Easi Speak microphone and I really wanted one (insert only child whine).  I contacted the rep that helped with the giveaway and she told me not only could I keep the building set....but she was sending me the Easi Speak microphone!


So to celebrate all this happiness I will give away any one item from my brand new Teacher's Notebook store to the first 5 people who enter. 

Here's what you have to do:
1.  Become a follower of my new Teacher's Notebook store.
2.  Leave a comment about something that makes you happy! (don't forget your email) AND let me know which one item you want.

That's it!  Remember this is only for the first 5 people!

Hope this makes your day a little bit happier!

06 August 2012

Internet woes

You don't know what ya got till it's gone.

We finally arrived at our new place in Rhode Island early Saturday morning.  It's so nice here...I wake up to an ocean breeze fluttering through my windows.  Last night, Mr. Roboto and I walked two blocks to the pizza shop for dinner.  Tonight we are taking our bikes and riding down to the beach. It's been great. However....

I still don't have internet access.  Somethings up with the cable and we can't get it started.  They are sending someone out tomorrow. Argh! No netflix, no pinterest, no blogging. Oh well...it does leave time to unpack the 6.5 billion boxes that are spread all over the house. 

Hello to the new followers! I might try and work on a little sweet surprise for everyone!

Giveaway news coming soon...


02 August 2012

Magical Product Swap

First of all let me just say Tennessee is the longest state ever.  I feel like it's even longer than Texas.  It took all day to get from one end to the other. Oh em goodness.

Second of all, I have the most amazing friends ever.  More on that later.

Today is the Magical Product Swap day!  I had the honor to look over Mrs. Irwin's work.  You can visit her here.  She's got some great ideas.  She shared her 'A Crayon Box That Talked Packet' with me.  It is so awesome!
I love the story, "A Crayon Box that Talked".  My teammate and I use(d) it every year when we learn about Dr. Martin Luther King.  We have the kids decorate a crayon with their favorite color and draw a self portrait on the crayon.  We then place all the crayons in a "crayon box" as a bulletin board.

Mrs. Irwin has done a lot of work in this 46 page packet.  There are tons of activities to keep the kiddos engaged.  One of my favorites is a color bingo activity.  Super cute.

There is also this crayon matching game where kids place matching colors into the appropriate box.

So...what do you think? Isn't it a perfect paring to the book?  You should head over to her TpT store and purchase it now. 

I want to apologize to Mrs. Irwin for posting this sooo late. But I was on the road all day and finally got a moment to sit and post about her awesome packet. 

01 August 2012

On the road

Hi y'all...
Welcome new followers!  I'm at 107!
So I'm blogging from the road...literally from the road.  I downloaded the blogger app..so awesome!

We are on the side of I-40 waiting for Ben to take care of business.

Just wanted to say hello! We are on our way to Maryland...hopefully I will have wifi so I can post about the Magical Product Swap
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