26 July 2012


I am so sorry I haven't been posting lately.
I'll be leaving Austin in 5 days and I've been spending time with the people I love.
Today I spent a few hours with my goddaughter...leaving her was so very difficult.  I'm going to miss seeing her everyday. This whole thing is so hard.
My next few days will be spent saying goodbye to my friends and family here.  Then we make our way to the East Coast.
I really am excited to start this new chapter of my life...it's just I had no idea how sad this would all be. 
Sorry so glum...

Here are a few giveaways...I think by now we all know I'm a giveawayaholic...I won another this morning!  A sweet treat goodie bag from A Pirate's life for Us.  These goodies will be a great welcome treat for me and Mr. Roboto!

1.  My Heart Belongs to first is having a giveaway with tons of goodies.  Enter here.

2.  GrowingKinders is giving away a Versatile set.  Enter here.

3.  The Resourceful Apple is giving away a quite sharpener.  Enter here.

4.  Creekside Teacher Tales is celebrating 100 followers.  Enter here.

5.  Learning is Something to Treasure is celebrating 650 followers with a great giveaway.  Enter here.

I'm at 98 followers!  I am so excited.  I've been busy packing, crying and working that I haven't finished organizing my giveaway.  If you'd like to participate please email me here.  The giveaway will probably need to wait until after the BIG move...which is in 5 days...AHH!

I have been working on this circus unit for a few days now.  Here it is!  You can download it for free until tomorrow at noon (CST).  After that, I'll place it in my TpT store. It's 20 pages long...I'm thinking $1.50-$2..what do y'all think?


22 July 2012

Giveaways and thoughts

Hi all.
I wanted to let you know that OfficeMax is having a promo on HP ink.  If you have a HP printer and are in need of ink I'd make my way over there asap.  If you buy two HP ink cartridges, you can get another for FREE.  Plus, if you spend over $50 in ink you will get a $10 gift card.  It is pretty awesome.  I made my way over there this morning and bought three two packs (color and b&w) for $70.  That included the $5 I donated to a local school and tax.  That's not to bad for 6 cartridges of ink.  Just thought I should let y'all know.

So...if you haven't already downloaded my Classroom Jobs, do it now!  Remember it goes to TpT at midnight tonight. 
So I was thinking, as I make stuff to put into my TpT store I'll debut it here on my blog.  When it debuts y'all will be able to get it for free for a day or two before I place it in my store. That goes for any and everything I make.  All I ask is if you download and you like it...please leave a comment in my TpT store. 

On to the giveaways.

1.  Falling into First is celebrating 300 followers by giving away a 31 bag! I just bought one of these bags for Laura Starnes at Kinder Kraziness and I LOVE it!  Enter to win here.

2.  Reading Toward the Stars is celebrating 200 followers.  Enter to win here.

3.  Fun in First Grade is giving away a $25 gift card to Erin Condren.  If you haven't seen these adorable planners yet, then I suggest you go to Fun in First grade and check out these awesome personalized planners.  SO CUTE!  Enter here.

I've heard from a few people who are interested in participating in my 100 followers giveaway.  If you are interested in participating, please email me here.
That's all for now.  I'm working on a Circus unit. So keep a look out it'll only be free for a short time!


21 July 2012

Garage sale, giveaways, and a freebie (and a favor)

I woke up this morning at 6:30.  I had decided to have a quick garage sale and get rid of a few things before the big move.  I made a cup of coffee, had some breakfast, and pulled all my stuff out into the driveway.  I sat out in my chair and waited for the crowds to come and buy my goodies.  Then, I was attacked.

By mosquitoes. They were everywhere.  Although it was annoying I sat and waited.  As I sipped my coffee I was overcome with annoyance.  The heat and the humidity of the early morning made me feel uncomfortable and grumpy. Suddenly it became clear, a garage sale was not necessary.  Sitting in the heat and the humidity while being attacked by mosquitoes was not necessary.  I could take my stuff to goodwill and be done with it all.  I loaded my stuff into the car, came inside, sat down and cooled off.

So that was my morning.  Best laid plans I tell ya'.

Here are some giveaways.  Enter as many of them as you can.  I won another giveaway this morning! 

1.  Swimming into Second is doing daily giveaways.  Enter here.
2.  Kinder Alphabet is giving away tons of goodies.  In Spanish and English.  Enter here.
3.  Kleinspiration is giving away 7 math big books.  Enter here.
4.  Herding Kats in Kindergarten is having a Donorschoose giveaway.  How fun!  Enter here.
5.  Life is Sweet in Kindergarten is having a mega giveaway.  Enter here.

Now a freebie from me!

Since I had a little extra time this morning...I worked on a classroom jobs packet.  I'm hoping to make a Spanish version later.  So for you today and tomorrow is the English version.  I'll have this available until Sunday night at 11:59 CST.  Then it goes into my TpT store.

I think the color ribbons are totes adorbs (I don't talk like that in real life..I've been watching A LOT of Pretty Little Liars...)!  I think I'll just laminate them so that I can write the kids names on the ribbon and wipe them off easily.   Click on the pictures, they will take you to Google docs.  Remember you have only until tomorrow at midnight.

Lastly, I am 10 9 people away from 100 followers! How exciting!  I would love to have a giveaway to show my thanks.  If you are a follower (or a stoper byer) and you would like to contribute to this giveaway, please email me here.  Let me know what you would like to contribute.  Thanks in advance!

20 July 2012


I tried REALLY hard to have a freebie posted today but...

this got in the way.

That's Ben. He's a big love bug.  And I spent most of the day just hanging out with him...or taking naps.

Anyways, I bought some clip art and as soon as it shows up in my inbox...I'm getting straight to work on something.

So a thousand apologizes but Ben's sweet face should make you feel all happy again.

19 July 2012

Kindergarten Pacing Guide FREEBIE

Ok so...I know I haven't posted much of anything lately.  That's because I've been working on a Pacing Guide to use this school year.  I wanted to make it editable so once I shared it, you could change whatever you needed to in order to fit your needs. We all know this time of year gets crazy as we start to think about back to school, so I hope this Kindergarten pacing guide FREEBIE is helpful to you and your colleagues.

I have done something like this every year with my teammate...but since I am going to a new school I thought I'd come somewhat prepared.  I was heavily influenced by Kinder Kraziness' guide which you can find here.  I was also inspired from Lil' Country Kindergarten, which you could find here.

I added a place for read-alouds that I thought would go best for the theme for that week. 

I saved this Kindergarten pacing guide freebie as a powerpoint file but if that doesn't work out for you, just send me an email and I can work out something else.

When you click on the pictures below you'll see my entire Kindergarten pacing guide freebie. It includes columns for misc school information (such as days off), theme, letter of the week, sight words, our read aloud, our computation focus for the week, math, and whatever we happen to be working on for science and social studies.

Obviously - just like all things in teaching - this is a fluid document that can and will change throughout the year. However, I feel much better knowing everything has been well thought out before my students even walk into school!

Hope this works for you!

Click to get your Kindergarten Pacing Guide FREEBIE! 

If you're on the lookout for a Kindergarten Pacing Guide FREEBIE, this is the post for you! See how one Kinder teacher plans out her entire school year so she's prepared! You'll love the columns for misc school information (such as days off), theme, letter of the week, sight words, read aloud, computation focus for the week, math, and science and social studies. Click through now to grab your FREE download! This is great for classroom teachers AND homeschool families!

If you're on the lookout for a Kindergarten Pacing Guide FREEBIE, this is the post for you! See how one Kinder teacher plans out her entire school year so she's prepared! You'll love the columns for misc school information (such as days off), theme, letter of the week, sight words, read aloud, computation focus for the week, math, and science and social studies. Click through now to grab your FREE download! This is great for classroom teachers AND homeschool families!

If you're on the lookout for a Kindergarten Pacing Guide FREEBIE, this is the post for you! See how one Kinder teacher plans out her entire school year so she's prepared! You'll love the columns for misc school information (such as days off), theme, letter of the week, sight words, read aloud, computation focus for the week, math, and science and social studies. Click through now to grab your FREE download! This is great for classroom teachers AND homeschool families!

Is there anything you would add to this Kindergarten Pacing Guide FREEBIE? I'm always on the lookout for great ideas to implement in the future!


17 July 2012

Super Giveaways

Just a quick note to let you know about tons of giveaways going on.

1.  Of course there is the fabulous giveaway at Mrs. Castro's blog.  Click on the picture below to go straight to the giveaway.

2.  Fun for First is having a Blog Birthday.  Enter to win here.

3.  Simply Kinder is celebrating with a launch party giveaway.  Enter here.

4.  Sweet Times in First is giving away a math manipulative set.  Super awesome.  Click on the picture below to enter.

5.  Math Coach's Corner is having a giveaway.  You can enter here.

6.  Sprinkles to Kindergarten is celebrating 400 followers.  Enter here to win.

7.  Mrs. Plant's Press is celebrating 500 followers.  Enter here.

Good luck!
I won two giveaways over the weekend.  The first was a back to school activity pack and the second was an Easi-speak digital microphone!  So...I'm kinda obsessed with giveaways.

Well short but sweet post today.  I've got two major things to accomplish today.
1.  Finish my Kinder Pacing Guide.
2.  KARAOKE!  

16 July 2012

A Thousand Apologies

I am so sorry I've been MIA for a few days.

I went home to visit my family for the last time before I move to Boston.  I tried to disconnect for a bit and truly enjoy my time with my family.
I had a blast.  My mom threw me a fabulous farewell dinner. We ate, we laughed, we cried.  It was wonderful.

I'm definitely going to miss my family and friends.  I have only 15 days until departure.

On to an awesome giveaway.
Mrs. Castro is having a huge giveaway.  I should probably say giveaways because there are multiple chances to win some great things.
And dear reader, yours truly has something featured in this mega giveaway.  I donated my Eat your Veggies unit. So, click on the picture below and head on over to Mrs. Castro's page.  Become a follower because she has some AWESOME ideas/advice/freebies and enter for a chance to win.

I've received a few requests for my behavior calendars.  You can find them on my TpT page here.
I'm working on creating a few new things before I my big trip.  I'm hoping to include more freebies so keep following...you never know what's around the corner.

On the subject of followers... 
I am 20 people away from 100 followers! WHHHAATT? That's BANANAS! (did you sing it like Gwen Stefani in your head?)  I started this blog one month ago.  Just one month!  I am so grateful!  Thank you! I'll start planning a giveaway now and hopefully it'll be something awesome.


13 July 2012

Inky Linky

This is a GREAT idea!

I've never participated in a linky party before.
When I saw this one I had to do it.

Individually, I have 8 tattoos.  My dear friend and I are planning getting a Wicked tattoo before I leave.  So here are some of my tattoos.

 This is a paisley on my foot.  I lovingly refer to it as "The Amoeba".  I got it because I wanted something with color.  I don't really have a long story behind this one other than it was fun...The color is fading, I'm not sure I'll touch it up.

This one says Veritas.  It means truth in latin. This one means a lot to me.  My mother named me Vera because it means truth.  I try to lead a very truthful life. I didn't get it to get my own name tattooed on myself...more so to remind me to be truthful...always.

Last one.
This is my bird.  I am horrifically, deathly, sobbing on the floor, afraid of birds.  They scare me. Sooo having a bird tattoo doesn't make a lot sense.  I got this after a family member died..I wasn't particularly close to them...but they were one of the last members in our family line.  It's kind of like the closing of a chapter.

There are 2 rules to follow in this Inky Linky party.
1. Please use good judgement when posting pictures of your tattoo.  If it's in a place where we have no business looking at it, then please don't.  If it contains profanity or other vulgarities, please do not post it.

2. Please DO share your pic and story as to why you got it and what it symbolizes.

That was fun!  Share your tattoo stories too!

Also, there are two questions left to answer from the last post.  The correct answer gets you my Eat your Veggies unit.

And now dear reader, I'm off to Lakeshore.  I've got an addiction.


11 July 2012


There's a lot to celebrate. I'm at 50 followers! 
My blog hasn't even been up for a full month now. Thanks guys!
To celebrate, I will give away my latest unit, Eat your Veggies, to the first 5 people who can answer any ONE of the following questions. That's right, pick a question and leave your answer and email in the comment section.
1. I live in Austin, but I'm not from here. What Texas town did I grow up in? 
2. Although I plan on doing a rainbow theme in my classroom this year, I have one color that is my absolute favorite. What color is it? 
3. Name the blog that I was featured on as a guest blogger. 
4. Although I am an American citizen, I was born in a different country. What country was I born in? 
5. What is my boyfriend's name (nickname)? 
 OK good luck!

 So I didn't make yesterday a double post day because... I went to Target and found one thing! I was angry. The Target I always go to had very little out in the dollar section. I was angry. I spent all day looking at blogs of beautiful bounties of wonderfulness that teachers had found at their local Target stores. I was so excited as I entered my Target only to see NADA, NOTHING, ZIP! I think out of the 20+ bins they have in the dollar section, maybe 5 were filled with new things. ARGH! However, I was able to find something...some pocket charts.
They are super cute and will fit in with my rainbow theme...so I can't complain too much. I vowed to return on Wednesday and find more.
Cut to Wednesday.
It's Wednesday and I head to Target. Now they had totally filled up their dollar spot and there was plenty to choose from. They had some awesome bins to help with organization and lots of Dr. Seuss stuff. But, none of it really said "BUY ME". So I didn't. Sad I know. I'm surprised at my self really. So I headed back home. As I pulled into my driveway I see a large box outside my door. Excitement and glee quickly runs through me... I notice that the box says Thirty One on the side...WHAT? My order wasn't due until tomorrow! So happy. I ordered my bag from Laura Starnes at Kinder Kraziness. You can go here and check out her blog plus order a bag from her.


10 July 2012

Mega Giveaways

Ok friends...
For about three days now I've been saving all the links to giveaways.  I think I've collected about 10.  I think that most end in about a week or so.  Some of them might end earlier so get on it.

Just a warning...today might be a two post kind of day...I might be making a stop at Target later and I want to share my finds.

Anywho here they are good luck everyone!

1.  Life in the First Grade is giving away an easi speak digital microphone.  Click the button below to win. 

2.  The Kindergarten Center is celebrating 500 followers!  Tons of goodies.  Click below to enter for your chance to win!

The Kindergarten Center

3. 1st grade with Ms. Snowden is celebrating a big birthday!  This one ends in 12 hours so hurry! Click here to enter.

4.  Run! Miss Nelson's Got the Camera already has two awesome giveaways going on...but she's planning a 3rd to celebrate 500 followers.  Seems like gift cards and  multiple winners are involved.  It's not up yet...but keep checking!  Click below to go directly to her blog. 

Run Miss Nelsons got the Camera

5.  Tonya's Treats for Teachers is celebrating 300 followers.  There will be three winners!  Click below for your chance to win.  

6.  A pirate's life for us is celebrating its first birthday! Hooray!  There's a Target gift card involved..sweet.  Click below for your chance to win!

A Pirate's Life For Us
7.  Wild about teaching is celebrating 500 followers! Click on the button below for your chance to win. 

Wild about Teaching!

8.  A year of many firsts is giving away an easi-speak digital microphone.  Click on the button below to enter to win.

9.  Mrs. Miner (who I won Debbie Clement cds from) is giving away an easi-speak digital microphone.  These things look flippin' awesome.  Click on the button below to enter to win.

Mrs. Miner's Kindergarten Monkey Business

10.  EduKate and Inspire (cute name) is celebrating 100 followers.  Click here to go directly to the site.

11. Mrs. Mc is celebrating a blog birthday.  Click on her button below to enter to win.

12.  Teaching with Love and Laughter is giving away a Hear All Assessment Recorder.  Click the button below to enter to win.

Teaching With Love and Laughter

13.  Little Priorities is celebrating 500 followers!  Click here to enter to win.

That was a super long post.  Good luck!  Now I'm off to enter to win..and then Target!!

09 July 2012


I spent all of last night and all today working on my very first full unit.  I've done bits and pieces of things but this...is 43 pages of pure awesome!

It's a unit about fruits and veggies and in my honest opinion it is adorable!
I'm exhausted though. I'm not sure how people crank these things out weekly!
Here are some pictures.  I'm so excited!

So...because I'm at 45 followers! (woooohooo!!!!)  I'll celebrate by sharing a little piece of my unit (that sounds really wrong).  Here is an Eat Your Fruits graph.  Students roll a die and use the key to color in their graph.  I hope you like!

Here is a link to my TpT site.  I'm pricing the entire unit at $3.  I think that's reasonable right?  Since this is my first unit I'm not 100% sure.  What do you think?


08 July 2012

More giveaways


Did anyone go to Michael's?  Get anything fantastic!?
I made another bad decision and stopped by Half Price Books.  If you don't have a Half Price in your town you are missing out. It's a discount book store.  Prices are super cheap!  I go crazy in the children's books section.  I have an addiction.

Another big thank you to all the new followers! Glad you're here.  If I didn't send you your behavior calendars AND you became a follower by midnight yesterday, please email me so I can get you your copy as soon as possible.

Here is another giveaway.
1.  Mrs. Watkins is celebrating 100 followers.  Go here to enter.

07 July 2012

Teacher Emergency! You might want to grab your purse and read on your way out the door!

What a long title...
Hello to my new followers!  So excited that you're here!

Go to Michael's now. Go.
They have rainbow colored caddies for $3.  I bought 4...I would have bought more but they were all out.  Those things go fast.  Here's a pic.

I also bought a border organizer because I thought it was 2.50.  In reality it was 14.99 but I had a 50% off coupon so it came to 7.50.  Pretty awesome.  Here it is.

Because I wanted more goodies, I headed to another Michael's.  This one had a 10 drawer organizer for sale.  If you are a Michael's reward member the organizer is 50% off.  I asked an employee if I could use my 15% off coupon and she said no. :(  I called Mr. Roboto and asked him if he thought the purchase was worthwhile.  We agreed it totally was. (nevermind the fact that I already have one given to be by another teacher...) I headed to the register with my 69.99 (original price) organizer.  Expecting to pay about $40 I waited for my turn in line. The woman scanned my organizer and the other caddy I wanted and a few coupons she had by her station and my total came to....


What!?! I was so happy!  Talk about a steal!  So run yourself to Michael's now.  They are only on sale today.  Download the Michael's app to make sure you get all the coupons too!
Here's a pic of my organizers!
Also...a few days ago I made a purchase through the site Bungalow.  They have the cutest stuff!  I had a coupon from PlumDistrict (if you haven't heard of them go here and sign up now.  It's like Groupon but cuter) for Bungalow so I went ahead a purchased two of their Hang 10 boxes.  They fit hanging files perfectly. These things are awesome because they are collapsible and water proof!  They have adorable colors.  With my coupon I got two of them for a total of $30 (with shipping)!  Not bad.  Here's a pic.

Sorry this post is only about shopping but...shopping is awesome!


06 July 2012

Last chance

Hey y'all

First, my big announcement is...

I'm a guest blogger!  For the first time ever!  Thanks to Kelli at Castles and Crayons.  Click on her link below to read my posts.  Hurry!  The giveaway end on Saturday at midnight(CST)!

Castles and Crayons
Mrs. Stanford's giveaway ends in 24 hours...Hurry and enter. Click the button below for your chance to win!


05 July 2012

Score, giveaways, and freak outs! Oh my!

Sorry for not posting lately but I have been consumed by house stuff.  Packing, cleaning, etc. A thousand apologies.
Today, I made the trek out to Lakeshore.  Today marks the first day of a mega sale. Most things are 20% off and there are tons of coupons.  My classroom desperately needs some new puzzles and Lakeshore has their floor puzzles on sale, buy one get one half off.  I found two I really like, an ocean puzzle and a space puzzle.  I kept looking around the store to see if something else caught my eye.  I found a rainbow border and some bordette on sale.  Once I made my way to the register the woman there told me I could text a Lakeshore number and get a reusable shopping bag for free.  She also said that my purchases also qualified me for a free lesson planner!  Plus, she let me keep my puzzle coupon...so I can go back another time!  All that came to $30!  Not too shabby I must say.  Typically, I only go to Lakeshore for specific items because...that place can get expensive.  Here's a pic of all my purchases...I had to retake the picture 4 times because my dog kept sticking his face in... 

I guess the summer is the perfect time for teachers to start blogging because Oh Em Gee!  There are some mega giveaways going on.  Tons of teachers are celebrating blog birthdays or reaching 200/400/600/1,000 followers.  So I've done my very best to keep track of most of them.  They all expire within a week so you have some time.  Have fun and good luck!

1.  The adventures of Miss Elisabeth is celebrating 500 followers!  Click here to enter.
2.  Learning is Something to Treasure is celebrating 400 followers!  Click here to enter.
3.  Peace, Love, and Learning is celebrating 1,000 followers!  Click here to enter.
4.  Treasures for Teaching is celebrating a blog birthday!  Click here to enter.
5.  Another blog birthday at 1st grade with Miss Snowden!  Click here to enter.
6.  Thing, Wonder, and Teach is celebrating 500 followers! PLUS she is giving away a Thirty-One bag.  Click here to enter.
7.  Little Minds at Work is celebrating 400 followers!  Click here to enter.

I told you sooo many giveaways!  On to the freakout!

So it wasn't a huge freakout that I had...in the middle of HEB...during the day....with people around.
I'd call it minor.
Kind of.
Here's the deal...I was shopping getting everything on my list, when I was overwhelmed with sadness, worry and panic.  All of a sudden it dawned on me that this might be my last grocery store trip in Texas...EVER.   Once the fear set in I realized I had to purchase all of the things I wouldn't be able to get on the East Coast...EVERYTHING. All the spices I use for my delicious tacos and enchiladas, all my favorite HEB brand snacks, the tortillas, the green chile...AHH!  I called Mr. Roboto and he laughed...then he promised to go to local grocery stores and find comparable products...It's not the same...but it'll do.  It made me feel a little better...and I did purchase all of my favorite Texas/HEB brand items...in triplicate.  I'll be fine.  I'll be fine.

Stay tuned..I'll have a special announcement tomorrow! Check out today's post!


01 July 2012

Do you see this?

Are you looking at this?  This brand spanking, fantastically, beautiful, wonderful, amazing new blog design.


I'm so glad that I decided to go with Dreamlike Magic.  She was so fast and accommodating.


A few more giveaways

I had to share these giveaways with you.  Especially the first one.

1.  Stop by
She is giving away tons of goodies and celebrating 500 followers in 3 short months.  The great thing about this giveaway is that there will be multiple winners.  Not just one! I love it!

2.  This blog is celebrating 1,000 followers!  This is a MEGA giveaway.  There will only be 3 winners but each winner will win tons!  Visit the site here.

 3.  Here is another giveaway at Just Wild about Teaching.  Go here to jump directly to the giveaway!
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