30 June 2012

Giveaways and TpT

Let's start with the giveaways.
I've found 3 pretty awesome giveaways that end in about a week.

1.  Coffee, kids and compulsive lists is celebrating 100 followers.  Go here and enter to win!
2.  Teacher Idea Factory has 500 followers! Awesome!  Lots of people have donated a lot of goodies...even a blog design package!  Go here to win!
3.  The hands-on-teacher has 200 followers.  She is having a great giveaway but there will be 3 winners instead of 1!  Here is her website.

Good luck!

I just posted something on my Teachers pay Teachers account.

  Since my new classroom will be a rainbow theme, I thought I would make a cover for my student folders.  I came up with the acronym this morning.  I really like what I came up with!  I thought the students could write their first and last name on the clouds and color or decorate the rainbow however they wanted.  If you like it too you can purchase it here.

Still debating about the whole blog design thing...Share your opinion on my previous post...

Blog Designs

So I am typically a 'Do it Yourselfer'.  I'm all about figuring things out and exploration.

HOWEVER, this blogging stuff is hard.  The only child in me gets quite jealous when I see blogs that look stunning.  Bright colors, fun graphics, and cute buttons.  I want a cute blog.  NOW.

Part of me is very proud of the research and work I've done on my blog since the beginning.  But I know I want it to be better.  I also know that my "spend time to work on my blog" time will be limited as I prepare for the big move to Bedford.  So I say all this to ask...

If you did not design your blog, who did?
Can you recommend a great (not too expensive) blog site?
Or should I stick it out and work at making this site better on my own? Figuring out the kinks and what not?

25 June 2012


If you are not from Texas than it is probably very difficult for you to get a solid understanding of what it means to be hot.
I got into my car today and the temperature read 110º.  110º!
It is so hot here.  But I digress.

I got home to find a package at my door.  It is the prize I had one from Mrs. Miner's major give away.  You can read about it here.

The package included three books by Debbie Clement and six of her CDs.  So excited to check them out.  And Debbie was extra sweet...she personalized each book just for me!  Awesome! You can visit her site here.

Second bit of excitement came when I checked my email.  There in my inbox was an email from my new mentor teacher at my new school in Bedford.  She emailed me and the other new kinder teacher that was recently hired.  I got so excited to make contact with someone!  I'm looking forward to teaching in a new environment and with new people!

Did I mention that I have never seen the school or met ANYONE from the campus?  I applied online and had some major drama with my resume and a certain government agency (more on that another time).  Anyway...They contacted me and asked me to send in a video of me teaching a lesson.  Then, I did an interview over the phone and had to wait to hear back.  I got the news that I got the job during my spring break and was ECSTATIC!  
-Sidebar-I was looking for a job in Bedford because my boyfriend (who will be known as Mr. Roboto) got a job in Cambridge. I'm moving for love!

Anywho! I hope you have had a great day too!  I'm going to listen to some Debbie Clement Cds asap and let you know how awesome they are!


24 June 2012

Party over here!

So there is a HUGE party going on via facebook.

Lot's of teachers are giving away tons of stuff but only for a few hours.  Go here to join in on the fun!

I wasn't officially invited to join but I figure everyone wants something for free!

If you go here to my TpT site, you can get my latest activity for free.

If you decide to download, won't you please follow me?  I'm sure my 15 (woohoo!) fabulous followers would love the company!

Well the party is over! But it sure was fun.  Did you get some great stuff?  I know I did.  I hope something like this happens again.  Hello to my new followers!  So happy you're here! 

Great stuff ahead!

Enjoy your week!


22 June 2012 / Austin, TX, USA

More Giveaways!

Here are three blogs to follow and three giveaways to enter.

1.  Go to Mrs. Lirette's page here.

2.  The blogger at No Monkey Business is celebrating 300 followers! Congrats.  Go here to enter.
Good Luck!

3,  This blogger is celebrating 500 followers!  Go here to enter.

I'm working on a new activity (counting activity for kinder) to add to my TpT account.  Hopefully it'll be up tonight.

Update:  Here it is! Count the Room.

21 June 2012

When newly waxed floors make you cry

Today I emptied out my classroom.

My room for 5 years is now completely bare.

Nothing on the walls, no tables or chairs, and a sparkling clean floor.

This afternoon I walked the hallway to my classroom.  Midway I was stopped by our school's head custodian.  I asked her if the room was finished...as soon as she answered I started crying.

I cried for the memories in that room; the laughter, the learning, the fun.
I cried for the experiences at my school; the potlucks, growing as a teacher, the relationships.

I stood there in the hallway of my school, in the arms of our head custodian and I cried.

The pictures do not do justice to the emotions I have..
Change is hard.


20 June 2012

More Giveaways

Eek! Only 6 more days of summer school left for me...Time is just flying by.
Tomorrow my classroom will be all packed up...ready for another teacher to touch lives.

I am so sad about leaving my 2nd home..so many memories in that classroom, in that school...

In not so sad news...here are three four five giveaways

1.  Go here and enter to win.  This teacher started her blog almost two years ago and is at 1,000 followers.
I'm currently at zero (insert sad face) but can't wait until I too have 1,000 followers!

2.  Here is another.  She's giving away those Scentos markers I've been hearing great things about!

3.  This one is from two teachers from Texas (best state EVER).   It ends in 4 days so get on it!

4.  This giveaway is all about writing! I don't know about you, but my darlings LOVE to write.

5.  This giveaway is from a blogger who only started in April and now has 100 followers! Awesome.  Go here to try your luck.

Good Luck everyone!

18 June 2012


I have started the process of relocating all of my school stuff to my house. And what a process it is.  Since my boyfriend is in Boston and I'm here in Austin I am doing all of this by myself.
That means I load my car and unload the car alone.  It has been exhausting.
It's also been cleansing but most of all just sad. 
I am pretty sure that by the end of this week I will have my classroom completely cleaned out.  My room for the past 5 years will no longer be mine.

Very sad.

Here's a picture of my living room with approximately half of my school stuff. 


16 June 2012

Kinder Kraziness Giveaway

When I first started reading teacher's blogs I was (happily) overwhelmed with great information and wonderful ideas.  There was one blog that I followed and returned to everyday to see what she was creating, writing or doing. 

Laura Starnes at Kinder Kraziness has a great blog!
She is celebrating her one year anniversary as a blog writer with a huge giveaway.
You can enter here, but hurry because it ends tomorrow night.

Even if you don't win, you'll be following a great blog!
Good Luck!

15 June 2012

Pinterest inspired

Although I'm teaching summer school, I am trying to make the most of my last summer in Texas.  With the little spare time I have (between packing, organizing, crying, stressing out, and working) I try to spend it creating.
Like most teachers I am painfully, obsessively, obsessed with Pinterest.  You can follow me here.  I've seen some awesome blogs from various teachers who have made a "Teacher Toolbox."  Well in my stress/panic of packing/organizing I rushed to Home Depot, purchased Grape spray paint and a 22 drawer storage cabinet.  Total cost was about $20.  Here's a pic of the final product.
I used washi tape for the decoration on the labels.  The labels were print outs I downloaded from create-teach-share.  It really was quick and easy to make.
What are you working on this summer?

Winner's Circle

Let me tell you, I rarely win things.
Lotto tickets, raffles, bingo, whatever. I don't win.

Not only am I a devoted teaching blog stalker, but I'm also a giveaway stalker.  I enter to win things all the time.  And I never win...but that never stops me.

Today, I won!
I entered to win in Mrs. Miner's major give away.  You can find it here.
It ended today and the winners were announced and there at the very top you can see my name!

I won Debbie Clement's entire collection (6 cds and 3 books)!  I'll take some pics and share my favorites as soon as they come in.

Check out my past posts about some giveaways and see if my luck can rub off on you!


A lil' mixed up

I've kind of done things a little out of order.
I posted about a giveaway before I posted a real post.

A confession.
I stalk blogs.
Regularly.  Obsessively.

So the stalking has led to me starting my own blog.  

Here it is in it's infancy and with any luck it'll continue and be great, fun and fantastic like so many of those wonderful teacher blogs out there.

Baby steps.

Blg Giveaway

Here's my first giveaway post!
This blog has some great stuff to giveaway in celebration of their blogiversary!


Here's another giveaway!

I promise I'll get better at this blog thing...soon. Before Boston...

I hope.
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